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After being sick (I am SO much better now) and because it’s spring, I decided it was time for a little cleanse. After all, spring is the season for cleaning – mentally and physically, not to mention your home.
According to Ayurveda, Kapha is the dosha associated with late winter and early spring. Kapha energy is all about lubrication and structure responsible for keeping our tissues strong and supple. However, Kapha is increased by heavy emotions, excess food and lack of physical movement – otherwise known as WINTER! Leaving us with mucus (not my favourite word) and a slow, lethargic, heavy mind and body. 
So to shake Kapha out of our systems we need to melt out all that heavy, mucousy yuk.  BUT… as Kapha slowly releases out of our system in the transition between winter to spring we have to be careful of not disturbing our digestion and leaving ourselves open to various imbalances – colds, flus, hay fever.
Have you ever noticed how at the change of season you are feeling great – light, happy, open and then BAM! You are knocked down with a cold/flu? Well that is Kapha releasing, but it’s also Kapha releasing without any boundaries.
So, Ayurveda (and me) recommends cleansing safely, staying dry and warm and keep moving.
In winter we focused on heavier, oily foods that were nourishing and grounding. Now, slowly we start to introduce more light, bitter (greens) and fresh foods.  Spring is all about new birth – so fresh produce like dark leafy greens, berries and spring fruit are important in helping the liver and kidneys release and detox safely – removing the accumulated Kapha build up from winter.
Coming back to my own ‘Spring Cleaning’. Yesterday I started a Juice Detox. This is my fourth time doing the 3-day Urban Remedy Cleanse. I absolutely LOVE it. I only do the cleanse at season change-over – winter to spring and summer to autumn – as a way to help my liver + kidneys to safely detox and provide my digestive system a break in order to cleanse out my gut. 

And before you have a coronary over the fact that I am just drinking juice for three days, know this. There is a ridiculous amount of fresh fruit and veg in each day. The juicers used ‘press’ the fruit/veg rather than crush, which means they are fresher for longer and retain more nutrients. AND, It’s only 3-days. We aren’t talking a marathon cleanse here. I’m so against 10 day juice detoxes  out there that ask you to live off lemon + maple syrup (they make me angry!) but this one is about giving your system and break whilst ensuring you are absorbing a heap of nutrients and antioxidants.
Check out the cleanse:

It includes 6 juices – packed with a heap of veggies, fruits, natural antioxidants and good fats. You receive each days worth of juices in a mini-cooler bag so it’s super easy and there is no messing about with juicers (who can be bothered?)

There are different levels depending on your needs. Level 1 has more fruit = more sugar. Level 3 more veggies = less sugar! 

Now, Urban Remedy also sends you emails to keep you on track and lots of information on what to do pre, during and post-cleanse.

Day 2 and I’m feeling amazing. I had a spectacular practice at yoga – I sweated like a mo’fo but felt so light and free!
I’m drinking herbal tea like it’s going out of fashion. I’m pee’ing A LOT – I think I went 8 times yesterday. I slept like a baby last night – waking at 5:25am before my alarm went off feeling so fresh and revived. I miss food for all of a minute or two and then remember that it’s such a short time and food is always there. We live in abundance. I’ll never go without.
I don’t drink coffee so I’m lucky that I am avoiding a caffeine withdrawal, which makes it a lot harder.
I’m well and truly on my way to ridding that crappy pneumonia from my system and melting Kapha away too.
I’ll update again post Day 3.
If you haven’t considered a spring cleanse, then hop to it. Otherwise, the below list includes a few non-juicey ways of cleansing in case only drink juice for 3-days freaks you out!
Other tips to help you with your Spring Cleaning:
  1. Yoga – asana really helps on an emotional and physical level to detox. It’s especially helpful to focus on twists and backbends – helping the internal organs to open and release
  2. Focus on lighter meals with plenty of fresh, whole foods – go as GREEN as you can
  3. Try a big morning smoothie for breakfast – a great way to get your sustenance and energy without too much effort for your digestive system. Check out these recipes
  4. Dry body brush – start at the base of your feet and move in upward strokes. This assists the lymphatic drainage system to cleanse the body through the skin.
  5. Sip on ginger, cinnamon or fresh lemon tea. Thyme tea is also great for congestion
  6. Maintain a routine – focus on staying balanced here, even though you might want to quickly shake things up because the sun is out and shining.
  7. Meditate regularly – spring clean from within!

I’d love to hear if you have other spring cleaning tips – please share.

Happy cleansing!
Signing off with an exhale.
Pause. Listen. Live



  1. Sounds amazing, Claire. I've been looking at doing some sort of cleanse myself. But I'm not much of a juice drinker, and that worries me. And don't you miss chewing?
    But it sounds like this cleanse has done many people good.
    Plus green tea has caffeine, right? i'll keep telling myself that 😉 Good luck with the last day.
    Shitika x

  2. Hi Shitika, thanks for checking in. If you aren't a fan of juice then this maybe a little tough, but a cleanse of any kind would be good. Even just cutting out dairy, meat, processed foods and sugar for 3 weeks would make a huge difference.

    I don't really miss chewing because it's most psychological. After doing this four times I know what to expect. The first time was t.o.u.g.h!

  3. I'm ready to get my juice on with a little bit of help from Jessica – the Wellness Warrior. I'm about to launch my first ever online community event in less than a week…and it's all about self care…the kind of self care you just wrote about. Will keep you posted beautiful! xx

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