Om Mama Love

A monthly membership site dedicated to mamas.

Offering up meditaiton, mindfulness and self-love so you can be Mama Zen!

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Reveal Your Inner Radiance

Mini meditations to makeover your mind, body & soul.

The Reveal Your Inner Radiance (mini) meditation series is available in three 7-day packages. Each mini-meditation series comes complete with a daily guided meditation, downloadable journaling guide + soulful commentary to support you on your journey to radiance.

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Surrender ebook

An 80 page ebook on the art of surrender and letting go.

A lovingly crafted, insightful and intuitive ebook on the journey of surrender. Learn how to be rid of control, obsession, holding on to grudges, gripping so hard you are stuck! Discover 17 ways to surrender for your best life yet and out of your own way!

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Inspired ebook

A DIY Retreat Guide to distil your dreams and clarify your visions.

This is the ultimate guide for your own DIY soul-centred retreat. A chance to step-away from the busy-ness of life and get shiny-diamond clear on your intentions dreams and visions. INSPIRED is a juicy ‘how-to’ – a mash-up of self-care + self-love, precious tips

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Meditation Album

Dive into stillness, gain clarity and cultivate connection with these 11 guided meditations from Claire. Short meditations to fit into your busy life yet deep enough to tap into that space of serenity that you crave.

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