Om Mama Love is HERE

Om Mama Love is HERE
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 Om Mama Love is here!

Love. Indescribable, chest-bursting, unconditional love.

It’s the life-force that beats the heart of every mama.

Some might call it an ‘irrational’ force –why else would we love so fiercely through sickness, sore boobs and sleep deprivation?!

But once you’re a mama, and you’ve held your baby in your arms – heck, even before that, when you simply feel that flutter of life in your belly – that tiny, light-filled being becomes your everything.

And love? Well, it becomes your default state of being.

Mamas are the queens of love – we dish it out every minute.

We teach with love…

cook with love…

wash and fold tiny clothes with love…

Heck, we even clean our houses with love.

Love is why we wipe away snotty noses, accept sticky fingers all over our fresh T-shirt, and put everything on hold when our bubs are unwell. We push through everything – pain, long days, sleepless nights – with a warm flame burning within, because the love makes it all worth it.

To be clear, we don’t do these things because we have to, we do them because we want to.

Because, with our entire mind-body-soul, we want nothing more than to ensure the health and happiness of the child gifted to us by the Universe.


(Yes, there’s a but!)

But sometimes, with all this love pouring forth, we can end up feeling like there’s nothing left to give.

All that energy directed outwards can leave us feeling depleted and dried up. So we dig deeper, and sure enough we find more love from somewhere – who knows where – to dish out. But it becomes more and more tainted with our exhaustion, our frustration, our short temper. Worse still, the more we scrape the sides of the barrel for more love to give, the less there is for us. We take from our own resources.

But the truth, beautiful mama, is that if we want to keep love at the centre of *this* – the most rewarding and challenging job we’ve ever had – we have to make a change.

We have to do the one thing that we never think to, or even want to, but that will make the most profound difference…

Just as we fill up our babies and families with love, we have to start filling up ourselves.

Relying on others to do the job for us won’t cut it. When we expect others to fill us up – to love us up – we soon come to realise that this sort of love will only go so far. It will only go deep enough to take the edge off, not to soothe and balm it at the source.

We soon come to realise that as mamas, the love we need in order to give has to be of the pure variety: it must be clean and strong, and it must be something we can call on whenever we need it.

Love on tap…

And the only, only way to get this kind of love? Is to give it to yourself.

It might sound counter-intuitive at first – especially for women who are used to putting themselves last – but filling yourself with love can actually be the most powerful act of motherhood.

Why? Because when you do, you’ll be giving to those around you – including your bubba – from the overflow. From the excess. With love to spare.

  • It’s all about filling your own self-love cup.
  • It’s about loving yourself MORE than you think you deserve, and then even more still.
  • Keeping it full so there’s plenty to go around.
  • It’s all about the self-love, my beautiful mama.
  • The Spiritual Self Love.

Love, mama, love.

It’s all about loving you so that you can perform the most important job on earth with grace and gratitude. With joy and magic threaded through even the worst moments. The struggle hours. And nobody can FILL you up the way you need, better than YOU.

BUT… and here’s the second but… How are you meant to fill yourself up with love when you’ve barely got time to pee?

Gone (for now) are the days when you could slip off for a sneaky pedicure. Or luxuriate in a long bubble bath. (Self-care? What’s that?!)


And as for spiritual stuff, that 3-hour yoga and meditation workshop, or those regular kinesiology appointments you used to love – they happen alot less.  Let alone spend all night sipping tea with your soul sisters, sharing stories, crystals and oracle cards.

In this new phase you find yourself in, it’s not a grand gesture you’re craving, it’s a daily pillar. Filling your tank isn’t about spiritual fireworks and weekends away, it’s about finding stillness and connection in amongst your normal daily mama moments – the mundane ones and the magnificent ones and even the I-think-I’m-gonna-cry ones.

And guess what, I have something to help you find that thing you’re looking for; that feeling you’ve been craving…

Welcome to the Om Mama Love Membership.


Meditation, Mindfulness and Self Love for the soul-centred mama

A monthly membership to help mamas get their Om on with a nourishing practice of meditation, mindfulness and self-love.

What is it?

The Om Mama Love Membership delivers easy, bite-sized morsels of meditation, mindfulness and self-love.

It’s accessible. No fuss. Flexible spirituality. Delivered direct to your inbox each month. Designed to refuel and refill mamas with the love, zen and stillness they so need and deserve.

As an Om Mama Love member, here’s what you get each month: (create as little boxed images)

  • MEDITATION: A brand new, professionally recorded meditation from Claire – trained yoga and meditation teacher – diving into common mama concerns, challenges and experiences. This is your chance to find stillness in the storm of motherhood. (P. Storms are beautiful!)
  • REFLECTION: Personal mama stories from Claire designed to encourage reflection and invite new ways of thinking and being.
  • INSPIRATION: A never-heard-before podcast with incredible mamas to inspire and uplift you.
  • AFFIRMATION: An affirmation practice or ‘monthly mama mantra’ to keep you high-vibing and on point.


The Om Mama Love Membership will support you to…

  • Manage overwhelm.
  • De-stress.
  • Clear out anxious and worrisome thoughts
  • Learn to go with the flow + surrender
  • Embrace what is
  • Find inner peace.
  • Become more resilient.
  • Be present and responsive.
  • Feel content and more at peace (more often than not!)
  • Feel connected to yourself
  • Nourished from within
  • Learn new ways to cope
  • Be inspired
  • Feel part of the mamahood collective



What is the investment? Early bird prices below

$13 per month (Charged to your account monthly, cancel anytime you wish)

Or $130 for the year (Pay for 10 and get 2 months free!)

Find out more information by visiting Om Mama Love – CLICK HERE

So, beautiful mama. I made this for you… from my heart to yours. I’m so ready to hold your hand on this crazy, wild, beautiful journey.

I so hope you are ready to get the love, zen, and stillness you so deserve.

love + light,








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  1. Ok so I don’t have toddlers but having 2 tweens and an almost 21 year old makes me feel like this will also resonate with me! I’ve just signed up, very excited!

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