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It’s not long to go now… 2013 is fast approaching.

I’m not a fan of ‘resolutions’ as I don’t think that setting a time-limit around our true heart’s desires and goals is helpful. But a little structure and focus can go along way. So let’s talk intentions, for YOUR life. Not just for 2013.

Together, let’s look forward, from a grounded, stable place in the NOW, and envision the life we want to create.

Here are a few steps to help you on your way:

1. Pull out a pen and paper (keep it old school if you can) and take yourself off to a quite spot. Get outside in nature, sit in the sun, under a tree or anywhere you feel truly comfortable and relaxed

2. First write down as many achievements that you are proud of and experiences/people/situation that you are grateful for from 2012.

Really try and connect, positively to 2012.

3. Take a few moments to just absorb what you’ve written and sit with the emotions that rise here. Don’t try to ‘think’ your way through the next steps but feel you way – follow your intution

4. Now, write down the question ‘What’s Next?’. Sit with that for a moment and then begin to write. Note down EVERYTHING that comes to mind that you desire for your future – the big, the little, the crazy… every idea, every dream, everything.

Don’t rationalise, don’t justify, judge or even visualise the outcome. Just write.

From here you might want to finish the task and come back to the next step in a day or so. Or, if you are feeling inspired keep going

5. Looking at your list draw a circle around the ones that resonate with you the most, or that you know are achievable or simple what you really, truly want. That doesn’t mean delete the other ideas from your psyche but often different things happen at times when we need them the most, or when we are truly ready for them.

6. Just allow yourself to be open to the possibility that anything can happen and be excited by the dreams coming forth.

7. From here you can do a number of things. Perhaps create a vision board that brings to life your intentions, dreams, goals. Or if you want to, break down specific items into tactical steps.

I don’t necessarily think that planning your life is agood move, but sometimes taking the time to just sit, shuffle through and shift out the clutter in your mind can bring you to a space clasolo. This allows you to confidently move forward but also appreciate the past for what it has taught you and the present for all that it is.

If you are keen for a little guidance in the wellness arena please get in touch. As a Holistic Health Coach it’s my job to support you on your journey to a fuller, happier and healthier life.

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Saha to you,



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