Living Yoga Off the Mat with Krys Hansen

Living Yoga Off the Mat with Krys Hansen
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Meet Krys Hansen

This lady is a gem. On her beautiful website, Modern Yogi Mama, it says that Krys is “just a yogi on an island who wants to change the world. A mum, a partner, a business woman & a friend.  A qualified yoga & meditation instructor, author, marketing whizz, online designer, veggie mama, lover of a surfing yogi & deliverer of truthbombs on yoga & life”.

But I’d say she is so much more than ALL of that. She is a BIG hearted, deeply loving, attentive and soulful woman. Since becoming a mum Krys has allowed me to ‘lean’ on her for emotional support… and she has held me up so beautifully and with so much love.

When I think of Krys I feel how much she embodies ‘yoga’ … not the asana practice or the physical form, but the divinity of it.

I hope you fall in love with her and as much as I have.

Finish this sentence:

My yoga practice is… Less about the body than it used to be. I came to yoga as an escape from a relationship break up and as I worked through that emotional energy, my practice became about the body, the asanas. That was until I was pregnant and could no longer practice as I used to and all those lessons I thought I had learnt about yoga finally had time to sink in.

My practice became more about prana, or energy. Meditation and awareness of how I move within this life and all its interactions is now where I place the emphasis of my yoga practice, and I tend to enjoy the asana side of yoga in a softer, more playful way.

To me, yoga means… A balance of understanding the temporary nature of life while also trying to live a good existence in the now. It is the union of spiritual and practical life… being an example for others while maintaining the mindset of a beginner.

My experience off the mat has… Cleansing and empowering. If our mats soaked up the energy we released during our yoga practice, they would weigh a ton!

The biggest shift/epiphany/moment of insight I’ve ever had during yoga was… I don’t have to be perfect, and I never will be. That was a massive shift for me as I am a driven and determined type A. Once I fully realised that fact I found freedom in poses I had never been able to relax in as my body softened. By not mentally and emotionally pushing myself, I gave my body the space it needed to let go. That was the second epiphany… my mind and emotions rule my body, and I need to clear them before I feel release on a physical level.

Quick Fire Questions

What are the lessons you carry on a daily basis, off your mat? Everyone has their own ‘stuff’ weighing on them, but not everyone has the tools to know how to process that ‘stuff’, which is why they need compassion.

Why are these important to you? I feel there is too much competition, comparison, and judgment between people… and it’s being played out in an almost unconscious level. I don’t want that in my life and I hope I can inspire others to be more compassionate.

What yogic principle have you translated for yourself – what, how and why? All the yamas and niyamas have affected how I live my life, but I think Ahimsa has been the biggest life changer.

Nonviolence. It has inspired me to live a kinder life through the way I eat, consume, my mode of transport, wastage, and words. Just knowing that I am leading a gentler existence makes me feel more peaceful, as I honestly believe the energy you put out comes back.

What does ‘Living Your Yoga’ mean to you? Living with principle, but not rigidly. Yoga is about balance and flexibility, so even though I have an idea of how I want to ‘be’ in this life, I also give myself, and others around me, permission to fall and be imperfect.

It is these lessons I want to pass onto my son and any future children.

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I’m just a yogi on an island who wants to change the world. I’m a mum, a partner, a business woman and a friend.

I’m Krys Hansen. A qualified yoga and meditation instructor, author, marketing whizz, online designer, veggie mama, lover of a surfing yogi and deliverer of truthbombs on yoga and life.

I work with women to create a soulful practice they can balance with being mothers, as well as a creator of meditation tools for fertility and creativity.


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