Kyani Wellness

Let’s be honest… we all want to feel good.

When we feel strong, alert, vital, healthy we feel capable, grateful, positive, motivated, inspired to share our light in the world and better able to handle the bumps and turns along the way.

Our health trumps all else.

It doesn’t matter how on-point our fashion sense is.

Or if our skin is flawless and our body toned and tight.

If we don’t feel alive and if our cells don’t buzz with vitality or our brains aren’t switched on.

If we are flat and feel broken and depleted, then nothing else can possibly make up for that.

Your health is everything. After all that’s how you can we be the most present mama, the best version of yourself, a successful entrepreneur and the type of person that OWNS life and chases dreams.

We all know this. Which is why the health and wellness industry is the fastest growing, globally.

The world craves true health from the inside out.

The world needs more health to sustain this crazy life we are all part of.

The problem is that creating health for ourselves and our family isn’t an easy job these days. Good, clean, organic food is expensive. Our soils do not contain nearly enough nutrients. And we are bombarded daily with chemicals and poisons – in our food, our air, the products we use.

Being healthy isn’t just about eating well and moving your body (ps if you aren’t doing this, start there!) but we need something much more potent to support us. To carry us into health, to support us through illness, to rejuvenate and revitalise. We need supplementation that will ultimately, in tandem with our wellness tool-kit, bring us into a place of true health, happiness and inner balance.

I’ve chosen to align myself and my business with a supplement that offers MORE health in a real and tangible way. A life-changing way. I’m so excited to share this offering with you and hopefully change your life too.

When I first began my journey of self-development it most certainly started with my body. The desire to change the way I felt in my body (disjointed, restricted, depleted), sent me searching for healing and right into the arms of yoga, clean eating and wholesome cooking.

Over time, the cleaner and more vibrant I felt in body, the cleaner, more alive and connected I felt in mind and in soul.

The desire to support others to free their mind, fuel their body and feed their soul just as I did and still do is still as potent as ever. Which is why, when Kyani found me and changed my life, I couldn’t say no to the opportunity to change someone else’s life too.


What is Kyani?

Kyani is complete, synergistic superfood supplement. A trio of very simple and easy to take products (no need for mixing crazy smoothies) called The Triangle of Health.

It’s all organic, gmo-free food based. Which means no synthetic fillers and ingredients – which is a deal breaker for me and my body.

  1. The first product – Sunrise has 23 superfoods in it with the hero being the wild alaskan blueberry.
  2. The second product is the Nitro FX and NitroXtreme product based on noni juice which helps the body create Nitric Oxide (and therefore providing a beautiful even energy all day and better ability to absorb nutrients/vitamins/minerals from the other supplements)
  3. The third product, Sunset, is the best fish oil I’ve ever taken – featuring wild fish oil and Vitamin E and Vitamin

You can learn more about the product by checking out this short video.

The Honest Truth

I’ve had such an incredible response to Kyani, from the day I first began. I want EVERYONE to experience what I have experienced and still do.

So, let me share with you my personal results from this incredible superfood supplement.

  • As a mama suffering from serious sleep deprivation and all that comes with life post natal, Kyani has become a massive support for me emotionally, physically and mentally.
  • No more baby/mama brain  – I was forgetting everything, felt so vague all the time and could barely work.
  • I sleep deeply and now dream alot. I hadn’t dreamt properly since before pregnancy. Creative juice is flowing.
  • My skin is clear and glowy, and yes people comment on it all the time. Not bad for a 34 year old!
  • I have this well of clean, even, focused energy all day. No afternoon slump. No need for caffeine.
  • No sugar cravings or need to eat out of comfort.
  • I lost almost 3 kgs (without changing anything else) of what excess weight/fluid.
  • That weight has stabilised – it hasn’t crept back up!
  • I no longer have emotional mama meltdowns
  • My husband has noticed I’m back to my old super positive self – even after the toughest days and nights!
  • No more pain in my wrists and arms (from breastfeeding, carrying an 11kg baby etc) is gone!

There is so much more I can share with you on this incredible product. From the incredible ingredients, to what this product can help with and the science behind these oh-so-simple yet supremely potent products.

*If you’re keen to live a life of MORE HEALTH then schedule a call with me. Simply email me at to book in a time to chat!*


Experience Kyani

If you are ready to experience more health right now you can jump right in and get started by purchasing the Triangle of Health via my shop site. There is a FULL 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – a risk-free trial of incredible health.


Ordering instructions:

  1. Click on ‘wellness simplified’.
  2. If that doesn’t load properly go to the ‘categories’ section in top right corner and choose > Triangle of Health – that’s the trio of products.
  3. If it asks you to sign in, please do so as a guest using my ID – 2451191


Network marketing isn’t a dirty word

I’m going to be frank here…

If you think that this is a pyramid scheme (it’s not, they are illegal).

Or if you think that this is about the hard sell and hassling your friends (I would never do that) then don’t bother reading on.

I’m not here to convince you otherwise. I don’t need to because I and the ever-growing team of entrepreneurs, coaches, mamas, big dreamers and do-ers in our team know that network marketing rocks.

Network marketing IS the way of the future. It’s business done differently. Working smarter, not harder.

It’s about abundance, and sisterhood and teamwork and leadership. It’s about creating a life of MORE – in health, wealth and freedom.

So, if that doesn’t light you up. Stop reading now. No hard feelings. But this is an invitation for those of you that are ready to step-up and no longer play small. This is for those ready to push past their fears and limitations and go after a brighter, bolder life outside the square.

I hope that’s you, beautiful one. If it is, I want to chat with you!

This is for you if:

– You currently have a business but truthfully you’re living month to month. Following your passions isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean you should throw the towel in. You want abundance, finally. And you want to keep following your passions but without the hustle to make ends meet.

– You aren’t happy in your job/work. You want to own your life, your hours, your time. You want to do something that feels BIG and special and makes an impact. Maybe you are tired of the travel, the long hours, the soul-less work. The drama. You want freedom, success and abundance and TIME. You want to be your own #girlboss.

– The thought of teaming up with empowered women who are LIT up with passion and drive makes you light up too. You want to be part of a sisterhood with a shared vision and who will hold your hand, guide you and coach you along the way.

– You want to make a difference. You care about changing the lives of others for the better. You are an influencer, a leader, a walker of your talk. And you are ready to help others live BIG and for you to do the same.

– Health and wellness is a priority to you. And you firmly believe that being in perfect health leads to happiness, success, abundance and life filled with love. AND to share this with others is in alignment with your purpose and life goals.

This is not for you if:

– You are not committed to do what it takes to (finally) change your life (your health, your wealth). If fear based thinking gets in the way of change and you aren’t willing to rise above it, this isn’t for you.

– You are not ready to be mentored and coached and be part of an awesome team who will motivate and inspire you.

– You are not willing to push your boundaries and try something new to experience and achieve more than you believe is possible.

– You are happy with your current employment and don’t want to work for yourself. Everything is just fine as it is.

– You don’t care about supporting others to live a healthier, wealthier, freedom filled life.

Let me say this, loud and clear; you will transform your life and YOURSELF in the process. I will be personally coaching and mentoring those that join my team. I will be there, holding your hand and guiding you every step of the way. You will become more resilient, confident, focused, clear, happy, healthy and abundant because of this.

This is not just about business, this is so much more.
You will become a leader.
You will create a business that WILL change lives.
You will make a difference.
You will get MORE.

If, at this point, you are feeling that ‘pull’… maybe full body tingles. Maybe a tug at your heart (and to be honest, if you are still reading, then perhaps you’ve already felt ‘it’) then hit reply and express your interest!

Even if there is still a ‘no’ or ‘not sure’ bashing around your head, listen to the voice that connects to your heart… it’s the one that speaks in love, not fear.

I’ll personally respond to you and share this exciting opportunity. We’ll discover if this is right for you, and if you are right for this team.

Send me an email at with ‘Yes I want MORE’ in the subject link and let’s start this life-changing conversation…