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A private Facebook Membership group to free you mind, feel your body, hear your heart and feed your soul. A space for nourishing practices to returning home to your essence. 

Come together, connect and delight in resources, practices and tools as a support through these wild times.


What’s Included:



  • Themed monthly content: to dig a little into the spiritual, energetic, mental, physical and emotional support we all need.
  • Fortnightly Practical Magic and Spiritual Medicine based sessions: meditation, eft, breath work, somatic practices and more.
  • Monthly Virtual Sacred Circles: Via zoom – to come into presence together. Connection. Illumination. Honouring. Reflection.
  • A responsive, inclusive and supportive space: designed to alchemise those heavy, anxious and out-of-control emotions; raising our vibration, staying present, positive and connected.


  • Resilience – Cultivate your ability to cope with all that threatens to destabilise you in a way that feels harmonious and in balance
  • Presence – Hone your sense of self in the present moment
  • Self compassion – Self love, self care the spiritual way
  • Strength – Tapping into strength the feminine way
  • Surrender – Let go, resist less, accept more
  • Co-creation – Divine Manifestation and Intentional Living
  • Open – Open your heart, Open your body, Open your soul
  • Deepen – Take your relationship to soul to a deeper place.
  • Liberate – Awaken into freedom, release the shackles from wounds and patterns.
  • Transmute – Transform the old into new. Heal.
  • Reflect – What’s within you and how does that show up in your world.
  • Embody – All of you, the totality of you. Live in your essence.



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Join anytime. Cancel anytime. Experience the magic and medicine within. 




Here’s some love from current members of Practical Magic, Spiritual Medicine

“It was truly divine. The magnetism I felt in my energy field with my hands was full on! Thank you for sharing this!”

“Claire, it was all just beautiful, your voice and your energy is so nurturing and I always feel so held. This was divinely timed”

“Just did your tapping session, Claire…so needed it! First day back at work and I started to feel overwhelm with all that there is to do! It helped a lot. Usually I just come home and feel not great for the whole evening and try to zone out. Thank you for sharing today. It is so genius that you, importantly, use your tools to make a shift and I need to remember I can do this too!”

“I  absolutely love what you share and teach. Not only the practices themselves but the way you explain them”.



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