Interview Series: Living Yoga off the mat with Kosta Miachin

Interview Series: Living Yoga off the mat with Kosta Miachin
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This blog series is a reflection of how incredible yogis are taking the powerful and ancient principles of yoga off the mat and into their world.

Today we have Konstantin ‘Kosta’ Miachin, of Vikasa Yoga. I was lucky enough to stay at the Vikasa Yoga Retreat and met Kosta, The founder of Vikasa Yoga.

Kosta’s passion for yoga blossomed in 2004 when he set out on his own journey of self-discovery. This journey has taken him to the far reaches of the world, from remote Himalayan ashrams, to his initiation by a master monk in a sacred Sak-Yant ceremony in the North East of Thailand.

Kosta is a certified yoga instructor with four different schools: Yoga 23 (Ukraine), Sivananda (India), Ashtanga Vinyasa (Thailand) and Andiappan Yoga (Hong Kong) and maintains close ties to many other yoga schools around the world.


Finish this sentence:

My yoga practice is… ongoing, and ever evolving. Seems like the more I know, the more horizons open up that were hidden before.

To me, yoga means…. evolution, creativity, understanding and wisdom, all leading to enlightenment through practice.

The biggest shift/epiphany/moment of insight I’ve ever had during yoga was…when I experienced the energy of kundalini awakening, and realizing that that is only the beginning of spiritual practice. Many realizations happened at once when this happened. Many mysteries and doubts dissolved, and a lot of things became very clear… I can say that was a spiritual awakening… It changed my understanding of practice greatly.

Quick Fire Questions

What are the lessons you carry on a daily basis, off your mat?

They are countless… a really big one is not taking things personally… people act the way they act because they are who they are, they do things because they want to do them, not because they are trying to affect you in a certain way (most of the times). Therefore, a big lesson is to learn to accept the reality the way it is, and stay neutral and conscious all the time. Neither me, nor anyone else is the center of the universe, it does not revolve around any of us – realizing that makes life much easier.

Why are these important to you?

If I don’t follow this simple wisdom I will simply burn out during the teacher trainings. On average we have 35 people, who are all going through heavy emotional cleansing, and of course I am at the center of it all. Therefore if I start taking it personally, a burnout is guaranteed. Every teacher training I learn a lot from this, and this is also a very good practice for me and for keeping the ego under control. It helps me evolve in so many ways.

What yogic principle have you translated for yourself – what, how and why?

I’d have to say I can summarize all the Yamas (yogic principles) in one sentence – treat others the way you want to be treated yourself… And treat yourself the same way first. Do what’s good for you instead of judging yourself. (that would summarize Niyamas) Those are so simple to think about, but sometimes hard to follow

What does ‘Living Your Yoga’ mean to you?

Actually, one of my favorite sayings is: You cannot do yoga, yoga is your natural state… what you can do is yoga exercises, which will reveal to you where you are resisting that state. Therefore, living my life means living my yoga to me… Realizing that you are already one… Once you realize, that realization is not going anywhere, it stays permanently, and then you are living your yoga…


Konstantin ‘Kosta’ Miachin and his pioneering brand of yoga called Vikasa, represent the ‘evolution of yoga’.

His vision is one of raising human consciousness and making the world a better place by spreading the message of love and peace. This mighty task is being accomplished at Vikasa yoga retreat by focusing on the study of yoga with an emphasis on holistic health, organic food and an inspiring environment that is conducive to personal transformation.

The vision for Vikasa yoga was born on Koh Samui with Kosta’s realization that the deeper dimension of yoga is a spiritual journey and a conscious evolution of the individual. Seeing this as the ultimate human endeavour, he committed his life to supporting others on this path.

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I love that I was able to share Kosta with you and his beautiful way of living yoga. I love his perspective and I especially love this comment that we should treat others the way we want to be treated. SPOT ON. I dig that he’s a guy and highlights that yoga is NOT just for women. It’s for every soul out there whether they are black, white, male, female, gay, straight etc… It’s unifying.

Ok my gorgeous readers, your turn. Let’s give Kosta some love in the comments below!

Love + light,

Claire x

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  1. Loving all the wisdom here Claire and Kosta! Thank you for sharing your gifts with world and inspiring us along the way. I love my Yoga life! Thank you x

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