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Inspiration Corner with Cassie Mendoza-Jones

I’m so impressed by this lady. I love the dent she is making in the health and wellness of countless individuals. Not to mention the amazing ebook she recently published – Cleansed – which guides you towards health, ease and abundance. She is a true healer, and very passionate about it too. She is also the co-creator of Self Love & Nourishment ecourse.

When I first met Cassie, I was struck by her ease and openness – just what you want from someone who helps to heal and encourage true health.

Stay tuned – Cassie and I will be teaming up in the future to bring you something SO special. In the meantime, I hope you LOVE her insights into inspiration.


Claire x

Connect with Cassie:

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Tell us a little about who you are, what you do, how you got here.

I’m a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, and founder of Elevate Vitality, a boutique naturopathic clinic in the heart of Bondi beach. I am the author of Cleansed,  a simple program for a life of health, ease and abundance, and I’m also studying kinesiology and my Master of Human Nutrition, so I’m a busy girl! I moved from my career as hair and makeup artist in the fashion and advertising world, to natural medicine several years ago, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I absolutely love being in my clinic. I see patients for a variety of health complaints, from digestive issues and mood support, to reducing anxiety, improving energy and balancing female hormones. I love watching my clients’ progress as they find their way back to optimal health through herbal and nutritional medicine, and sometimes even the simplest lifestyle or mindset shift can do so much to improve health and vitality.

On my days out of clinic, I write articles for my blog, guest posts and media work, plus I get some time to study, and of course, self-care, lots of exercise and “me” time.

What INSPIRES you?

Just knowing I’m helping people improve their health in the most natural, supportive and effective ways possible keeps me inspired. I also love the fact that there’s literally no end to what we can learn about the body, and how to support it, and knowing I can always, always, always improve my practice, expand my knowledge and embrace new ways of helping my patients continues to inspire me.

Where do you SOURCE your inspiration?

I’m such a textbook girl. My little home office is filled with books on two walls, and then sometimes they end up piled next to me on both sides of my desk while I’m doing research for my clients, or writing blog posts or articles. I could sit with tea, a textbook on herbal medicine for the female reproductive system and a highlighter for hours! I love learning, and I love books, so textbooks are just on another level for me. Nerdy, but so cool when you think about it.

How do you USE that inspiration? How does it integrate into your life?

Again it all comes down to this: what can I learn and implement that will help improve my patients’ lives? All the inspiration and knowledge I soak up is then used in my practice and in my writing. I love integrating it in ways that make life better, easier and healthier, for my patients and also for myself.

When it comes to health and wellness what’s important to you?

It’s important to have realistic goals and expectations of our bodies, and ourselves and to ‘hasten slowly’. If you decide one day that you want to become healthier, that’s amazing, but start slowly and find what works for you. It’s so important to not be ‘all or nothing’, because that’s not a nourishing way to live or treat your body, long-term.

What’s your routine?

I don’t have the same daily routine as firstly, I enjoy the freedom of waking up and deciding what I need in that moment to feel happy and healthy, and secondly, some days I start clinic really early, and others are more leisurely so my pace can be slower. In each day though, I make time for exercise (either a cardio and/or weights sesh at the gym, a spin class, a walk, pilates, barre classes, functional training or yoga), a little chill out time with tea and some meditation, or couch time with the latest book I’m reading.

How do you find balance + happiness?

I find that the things that bring balance to my life are constantly changing and evolving, so finding “balance” is listening to my body and supporting it by giving it what it’s craving that day, week or month. Finding “balance” also sometimes means throwing balance out, and accepting that some weeks will be crazier than others, and knowing “this too shall pass”.

I love going out for breakfast, so if I have a morning off, I love to head down to Bondi and order a big pot of tea, poached eggs, avocado and sourdough toast and just sit in a café with the paper, and the hum of others’ voices. I also love yoga and it always makes me feel so blissed out afterwards, even if some days it’s harder than other days to drag myself to a class! I have spoilt myself and purchased gorgeous yoga props like a bolster, blocks, straps and a lavender eye pillow, and I keep my yoga mat laid out on the floor of my study so that if I’m having a stressful moment, I can just shut my lap top and get on my mat. It’s the best feeling to be able to just switch off for a few minutes, and afterwards, I always get back to my desk feeling so much more able to cope and get on with it!

How do you practice self-love?

I think I’m still learning how to make sure I really fit enough of this into each and every day. It’s a process, but exercise is definitely one of the best ways for me to clear and calm my mind, boost my mood, energy and focus, and it also gets me away from my emails and social media J which is often very needed! I used to exercise for my body, and it felt like a chore. Now I exercise for my mind, and it makes moving my body so much sweeter. I also love personal growth and creating space in my life for things to move forward. So sometimes, oddly enough, clearing out my office is a way to practice self-love and gratitude. I also love clearing out my calendar to make time for nothing in particular. I don’t think I do enough of that when I’m super busy, but I am such a homebody and I recharge by being in my own space. That realisation took many years, but is the ultimate form of self-love.

What’s your favourite healthy recipe?

At the moment I’m loving this recipe:  Cauliflower Pizza with Spicy Meatballs. 

And my Warm LSA Porridge.

What are you non-negotiables when it comes to your lifestyle (food, diet, exercise etc)

I make sure every meal I eat consists of a quality protein, veggies and some good fats, with a small amount of healthy carbs slipped into a meal each day, usually more so after training. I always drink enough water, and I think it’s important to treat yourself as well! I live by the 80/20 rule of healthy nourishing foods most of the time, with a few treats on the side like some dark chocolate, red wine, healthy desserts and a good coffee once in a while! When I was younger, I was very “all or nothing” and it didn’t lead to a healthy, fulfilling and nourishing life. I constantly felt deprived and fearful, out of control, so now I really advocate a balanced lifestyle. Everything in moderation, including moderation!

How do you deal with those moments/days when you are lacking in motivation?

In those moments, I try to recognise why I’m feeling this way. Am I tired? Am I annoyed about something, or feeling stuck somewhere? It’s usually because something isn’t happening as fast as I want it to, or because my brain is whirring ahead at full speed! I recognise when I need to slow down, live in the present, and probably get on my yoga mat! This would also be the time when I’d have a kinesiology session, do some EFT/tapping or some journaling, some meditation or just take a day off, away from whatever it is that feels like it’s lacking energy. By embracing the fact that I’m not feeling motivated, I allow space for that energy to shift and then I can come back to the task and get it done.

I’ve also found when I’m trying to force something to happen, it doesn’t flow and it doesn’t elevate my energy. When things don’t feel right, I listen to that intuition now, I don’t manipulate situations to become what I want them to become. If it flows, I go with it. If not, all good, and I move on.

What’s one thing you wish you could pass onto friends and family about health and wellness?

I always say this, but one size does not fit all. You need to find what works for you, and then embrace it. We’re all on our own journey and accepting that is part of the process.






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