AUDIO BLOG: How to find true love within yourself

Today’s Audio Blog is all about L.O.V.E!

How do we find true love within instead of without?

Yes. Love. That all powerful, four-letter word. That elusive energy and experience that so many of us seek, grasp out for, hold tight too. Not to mention many of us are not sure if we know love, or understand how to get it, feel it or embody it.

And to make ‘love’ even more challenging, often we focus on the LACK of love we have – be it with a lover, from our family or even within ourselves. We see love as something other people are lucky to have, or that we must earn if we deserve it. We see love as an energy and experience (especially the relationship kind) that randomly blesses us with its presence. How very wrong this perspective is, yet how deeply rooted is that belief system?

The question I pose and muse on today’s audio blog is how to find true love within yourself and BE love? This question was inspired by a beautiful conversation I had with a client recently. I really wanted to explore this question because I want to motivate you to see love differently – to come to a deep KNOWING that the love you desire you already have access to! You do not need to wait for it to grace you with its presence. Let me repeat that, you DO NOT have to wait for love to find you.

Here are some points I jam on in this 8 minute Audio Blog:

  • Be mindful of the language you use around love and speaking in terms of ‘lacking love’
  • Become aware of what love feels like and looks like to you
  • Invite in the feeling and energy of love in the way it most resonates with you
  • Bring love in and allow it to be present, instead of waiting for it to come to you
  • Wrapping your head around the truth; that you are love!
  • Romancing yourself
Love doesn’t need to be put on pause. It’s there for your taking – revel in it and experience it – rather than something you have to wait to experience.


Or right click to download, load me up and listen to me on your walk or trip to work!


Your turn: Share with me – how have you found true love within yourself? Or tell me, does self-love and learning how to BE love still feel a long way off?

love + light,

Claire x


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