I’ve always been a fan of colonics. I discovered them around 5 years ago after reading a magazine article and I thought to myself ‘that sounds so awesome, that sounds like something I need’

Maybe you are screwing your nose up right now at the idea of having your colon cleared out by way of a little tube, lukewarm water and the massaging hands of a therapist. Or maybe you are a fan too and know the benefits of detoxing – helping your digestive system along with a little nudge. I want to share with you some insights into Colon Hydrotherapy and dive a little deeper into how this therapy can really help shift some stuck, limiting beliefs.

Colon hydrotherapy has alot of physical benefits.

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Do you experience constipation?
  • Are your bowel movements slow, sluggish or not quite right in some way?
  • Do you experience bloating, gas or any other discomfort on regular basis?

If you were able to say yes to even just one of those then I’m sure a few sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy can really help. Now, I know that many people have a different view point and it goes something like this:


The body has a natural detoxing process, we don’t need to do anything in addition to help it…Colon hydrotherapy isn’t ‘natural’…It rids the colon/intestinal tract of good bacteria

I’m not here to tell you that this opinion is either right or wrong, but I can definitely say a few words (no surprises there!)

  • Firstly, colon therapy in some form can be found as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, sometime around 1500bc. Hindus, Chinese cultures, The French and more have also been documented as fans of colon cleansing – believing that clearing out toxins ‘stuck’ within the body would help to prevent illness and disease.
  • Secondly, the body DOES have it’s own natural detoxification process. So I’m not saying I get a weekly colonic – in fact, I think it’s important to allow the body to do what it does. However, seasonally, especially after winter when we tend to eat more protein, fat and heaviers foods (and more of it!) coupled with the environmental toxins, excessive stress and chemicals we need to give our colon a helping hand. I eat a very clean diet, but yet I still find that at certain parts of the year I need a ‘cleanse’ or an aid in some way.
  • Finally, when it comes to ‘bacteria’ and potentially stripping out the good guys (some 700+ are found in the colon) well a colonic actually helps to clear out the baddies and yeast overgrowth. And a good therapist will make sure you take a probiotic drink (or pill) straight after and for the following days at least to help rebalance.

What does the colon actually do?

The colon is the end point of our digestive system. It’s considered a ‘second brain’ as it’s equipped with a high-tech network of neural circuits, neurotransmitters and proteins.

The colon extracts water from the digested food that has worked through your intestinal tract. Here the food gets compacted for elimination. Not only that but the colon plays a major role in our immune system, the production of Vitamin K and Biotin.

What I am most interested in is that the colon is responsible for the production of serotonin – our feel good hormone. Which is very interesting indeed.

Have you ever felt constipated, stuck, or your digestion is just all over the place and with it has come a general feel of ‘sluggishness’ emotionally too? When your colon isn’t able to do it’s function properly we don’t just have trouble eliminating physically, we have trouble eliminating mentally and emotionally anything that is holding us back in life. It’s difficult to ‘feel-good’ when our colon isn’t have a good time!

How a colonic can help you surrender

It’s amazing how within the many layers of our being – emotional and physical being just two of them – that we are so good at HOLDING ON to stuff that doesn’t serve us.

I went to a have a colonic recently as I’d been feeling ‘sluggish’ digestion-wise (with a history of serious IBS, I am pretty tuned in to the slightest changes!) During the colonic, despite KNOWING that releasing any built up toxins and waste is important for my health there was alot of inner resistance.

Within the session I noticed this little voice would pipe up whenever I felt physical discomfort or blockages. This voice would say “Claire, you don’t want to do this. It’s too much. Tell the therapist to stop. There’s nothing wrong with you right now… this is too intense, this is too vulnerable.”

And on it would go.

In those moments I would realise that my body had become ‘comfortable’ with feeling uncomfortable. It had found a safe haven – where it’s easier to stay less than amazing than to dig deep to be amazing, healthy and strong.

But this wasn’t just physical. This was emotional. Spiritual. Psychological. Mental. This experience was a multi-layered, multi-sensory journey of surrender.

In stark contrast, my INNER GUIDANCE had a voice, and it spoke to me…

“Claire, it’s time to let go. It’s time to let go of that which doesn’t serve you. It’s time to let out a long, deep breath and be OK with the unknown. Because you know, in that place in that knows that to fly forward you have to release your grip, you have to soften. It’s ok. It’s safe. This is a good thing. Surrender is power. Let it be. Allow it to happen. Just breathe”.

So I did. I breathed deeply. I cried. I let go. Even the therapist could see it. ‘Let it go honey, just let it out’.

As I lay there on that bed, battling my inner voices – the ego and my true essence (the ego lost, just so you know!) – I witnessed how surrender, the beautiful experience of embracing, accepting and allowing can be found in almost every situation if we are open to it. And surrender ALWAYS brings us to a better place. But during a colonic, in such a vulnerable position, my ego went into defense mode. It could see that this experience of vulnerability, openness, ‘cleansing’ was going to shed some limiting beliefs and stuck emotions that it had come to like. That it had clung too out of familiarity.

I could see that. I was aware of what was playing out. I am also a big believer in the power of surrender. So, despite what the ego was playing out, I disregarded its pleas for safety and I let what was happening happen! I’m so glad I did.

I feel lighter emotionally (yes, physically too) and I feel so open to receiving. We can’t receive if we are blocked or stuck in our limiting beliefs.


Colonic or not, is it time to surrender?

Ultimately, I am here advocating the power of a colonic. I am here telling you my personal experience with how it helped me surrender. But I’m not necessarily telling you, ‘Hey, feeling stuck in life? Get a colonic!” (Although, maybe that might help). I am however, asking you to look at your own inner battle playing out. Where are you being called to let go but some per-programmed, ego-game is holding you back?

Surrender ebook

If you haven’t seen it yet my new ebook: Get out of your own way – 17 ways to surrender for your best life yet would be a good starting point for you in exploring the power of letting go. I share SO much of my own journey to help you see where you might need to loosen your grip. Click HERE or the picture below.


Your turn: What’s your opinion on colonics? Do you love/hate/feel indifferent towards them? Do you have an experience of surrender that you’d like to share?

love + light,

Claire x

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  1. Fantastic article on the amazing benefits of colonics and the reflection they have in other areas of our lives – when I did healer training in the USA we did colonic therapy within the training…it really helped clear 'stuff' that was coming up as we were diving in deep to the process….i am a big fan of Release Wellness in Newtown.

  2. Yes, my teachers sister actually had a clinic on the property we did some of the training and he also has built a space into one of his places we train and retreat at! – really made it clear how emotions are stored in the physical body and the lower gut system 🙂

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