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This year I’ve started studying… again. I say again because in 2010 I completed my teaching certificate in hatha yoga.

It was a really intense year – my social life suffered and my body underwent alot of physical transformations. Not to mention trying to absorb information from ancient texts whilst learning all the yoga poses in sanskrit! But I loved it. I mean, really deeply connected with it. The community created amongst the teacher trainees, the shared experiences, the joy in our achievements, the chance to fully immerse myself in my passion, the internal exploration and overcoming my fears of standing in front of people, teaching them.

So, 6 months ago when I finished the course I decided to take everything slow no studying, teach a little … which goes against every instinct I have.

I tried, really I did. But by May I was itching to sink my teeth in again. I had noticed that I was pouring over the nutrition magazines and blogs.

Having come from a family built on health, nutrition and fresh whole food it came as no surprise to many that I was gravitating towards nutrition and holistic wellness.

It came as a surprise to me though! Yoga had changed my life in so many ways but ultimately it had brought me full circle. To a place of balance, happiness and a desire to live in health, the seeds of which were first sown by my parents.

Despite having told myself I needed to slow down and assimilate everything I had learnt during teacher training, I jumped into the deep end. Again.

After hearing about this course three times from three seperate sources I decided it must have been a sign. But I ignored it. To drill the message home to a clearly ignorant person (me) I heard a little voice, which I sincerely hope was mine, during meditation one morning. It basically woke me right up and pushed me to enrol. Two weeks before the start day I enrolled in The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. A New York based school with an amazing online course that covers over 100 dietary theories, speakers and lecturers such as Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford and David Woolfe. A course that will certify me as Holistic Health Coach. Hopefully the perfect compliment to my yoga teaching.

Which brings me to this blog. It is this course at IIN that has driven me to finally take the leap and start this blog. Mostly to download and integrate everything I am learning and to share it.

I’ll be sharing more soon on IIN.

Signing off with an Exhale.



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