Today is my birthday! Today I warmly welcome my 30s. I’m thrilled. I feel happy and excited. I also feel so content and grateful… very, very grateful.

2011 was a really big year. It was the first year when I finally had clarity and the clouds of confusion from my own Saturn Returns experience shifted and real change came about.

2012 is set to be busy, exciting, challenging and incredibly rewarding. I am now working full-time for myself on my business and pouring myself into my role as a yoga teacher and health coach.

Today on my birthday I just needed to take stock of it all and express my gratitude. So many circumstances, individuals, experiences and more have played a role in getting me to this place. I wanted to say thank you to the people who have contributed to this path without ever really knowing it.

Chris – my boyfriend, for being ultimately supportive and truly believing I can achieve anything. Patiently letting me write, research and study without ever complaining. But also for throwing necessary questions my way, which only served to make me work harder and believe more.

My family – for not questioning me, for seeing my passion and for simply loving me. No strings. My nieces and nephews for teaching me how to love, unconditionally!

My friends – you know who you are! For providing me with countless opportunities to grow, for being supportive, for being excited at every step and for pushing me.

MTPR – my PR job which I am leaving at the end of February. You showed me the door to yoga and you also accepted the path I am on. How many people can say that about their workplace?

My clients, students, random strangers – who have taken it upon themselves to give me such amazing feedback that has left me in tears. Your openess was not lost on me, ever. Not once.

The Universe – for listening to my calls for direction, guiding me on my search and then literally dumping a million signs in my lap that I was finally aligning to who I am!

Readers – anyone who has ever read my blog, even once. You make me accountable to this blog, you push me to write more, research more and to keep living and breathing what I love. You also kindly overlooked my rushed blogs with spelling mistakes and missing letters.
Thanking you!

And lastly to me, myself and I – I thank you for finally listening to your inner voice and not your ego wrapped in fear, insecurity and caution. You have taken many steps to get you to a place of true nourishment in your relationships, career and personal life.

I’m off to celebrate and enjoy this day – a day I am tremendously grateful for too! I am lucky enough to live the kind of life where I have the freedom and luxury to enjoy a day off, just to celebrate a number! Woohoo!

Signing off with an exhale… (and a really big smile!)

Pause. Listen. Live.




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