Golden Nuggets from Gabrielle Bernstein

I’m only now coming out of my little #sundaysurrender hibernation. After a powerful day at Gabrielle Bernstein’s Sydney event (thank you Earth Events!), I spent Sunday, gratefully in a cocoon with my husband…

*Meditation. Kundalini Yoga. Journalling. Movies. Chai. Cuddles. Walks in the rain*

I had to be in that space… the weather called it for me, but I was also still processing, absorbing and doing some personal shifting after the incredible one-day workshop with Gabby B.

A day shared with hundreds of like-minded women and men talking all things spirit and soul. Gabby guided us through powerful meditations, peeled off layers of ego and cracked us open. Truly, after one particular meditation I think almost everyone was wiping mascara filled tears off their face.

There is an absolute treasure trove of golden nuggets I wish I could share with you… but I think it would take you a whole week to read that post.

Instead I’m going to share with you FOUR things that jumped out at me. These might not be my only hero take-aways, but they are the ones coming through right now… so I’m going to trust that it’s these nuggets you are meant to read.

1) Coming back, over and over and over.

This is a message I have been living by and sharing with my own clients. So it felt so good to hear Gabby reaffirm this and share it. It’s not about being ‘spiritual’ or ‘conscious’ all the time… we all get caught up in scrawling, mindlessly through instagram, or judging yourself and others, or reacting with anger instead of pausing and processing. BUT it’s about how quickly, and with awareness you return back to your centre, your presence. To your truth. To what you KNOW. To who you really are (and want to be).

I often say that over time, the gap between being aware, conscious and living in presence with the more ego-driven, unconscious states becomes smaller and smaller. And how is this done…?

As we continue to chip away with our spiritual practices and higher states of thinking, feeling and being, we close that gap. We keep coming back, as Gabby puts it.

2) Be reverent. Do the work. Devote.

  • How do you become more conscious?
  • How do you feel more instead of think more?
  • How do you change your world from the inside out?
  • How do you live, breathe and be from love, instead of fear?
  • How do you tap into your own inner wisdom and guidance?

This is how…

MEDITATE! Create sacred space. PRAY. Be reverent with your time and create daily rituals. DEVOTE. Tap into commitment.

There is no quick fix. Firstly, there is nothing to fix. This is about tuning in to who you already are and what you already have. Secondly, nothing great happens easily and over night.

You want to live consciously, from your heart, with love and be guided daily? Then do the work. Don’t be apathetic about it. Make it sacred.

3) Your power is so much bigger than you realise.

This message came to me – well it felt like I downloaded it – during one of the meditations on Saturday. Gabby had been drilling the truth home; that our power is in our presence and as we meditated my own inner wisdom whispered to me that my personal power is SO much bigger than I could ever realise or measure. It came to remind me to stop playing, thinking, being, doing SMALL. Whether I’m a mother or a blogger or a sister or a wife or a coach… BIGNESS is who I am.

It wasn’t long before I realised that message was for everyone in that room and beyond. As questions were asked and personal stories were shared, I found that almost everyone in that room needed to hear that message too.

So today I pass it on to you. It wasn’t just meant for me, it is OUR COLLECTIVE TRUTH.

YOUR power is so much bigger than you realise! What does that really mean? It means YOUR HIGHER SELF is infinite, HUGE, immeasurable, expansive…. and that the small you – your little ego based, limited self can never fully know this. So stop trying to KNOW it from your logical, left-brain. Your ego-mind doesn’t have the tools to KNOW this power. But the BIG YOU, the REAL YOU can feel it. Because it is IT!

So feel into your power baby, go there… it’s an endless source of love, wisdom, knowledge, abundance, joy and divinity.

4) When things get good, work harder.

This hit me over the head, quite comically. It was a light-hearted moment of realisation for me. Things are SO good right now. I feel physically amazing, mentally clear, emotionally balanced and energetically open. I don’t have anything major I’m processing – spiritually I’ve been ‘working’ on myself for years and today I am awash with a sense of lightness, freedom, balance and contentment.

And you know what, I’ve been happy to be in that space  – surrendered to it. Being pregnant has called for alot of surrender into the HERE AND NOW because I know that many challenges, awakenings and shifts are still to come as motherhood is just around the corner.

However, when Gabby said ‘when things get good, work harder’… I actually laughed out loud. I laughed in unity with her message, I laughed in understanding and acceptance… There is NO perfection. There is never a time when our work is ‘done’. And truthfully, this is what I love the MOST. The journey of self-exploration is my own personal drug of choice. Addicted to the work.

So here I am, recommitting again to working harder on myself. To look at my own shadows with love, respect and gratitude and to do what I need to do to be the fullest version of my truest self and the best guide to this soul baby!


I hope these four little nuggets have come to you just as you need them, and in the way you need them.

Your turn:

  • Were you at any of Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Oz events? If so, share with me your own golden nugget?
  • And if you weren’t… what, from above has jumped out the most to you?

love + light,


*Picture kindly borrowed from Pete Longworth


16 Comments to “Golden Nuggets from Gabrielle Bernstein”

  1. Clare this is just amazing! Love the bit about coming back again and again. Sometimes it feels like we must always be present and spiritual! Lots of love xxx

  2. Thank you so, so much for this Claire. I was so disapponted when I realised I’d be away from Sydney for the workshop, so I’m incredibly grateful to you for this round-up.

    Points 3 and 4 particularly resonated with me- I’m pretty sure I would’ve laughed out loud at number 4 too!

    Thanks again,
    Katie xx

  3. I was just sitting down with a cup of tea thinking how perfect it was that it’s raining in Brisbane today because it is a total reflection of how I am feeling and what I need to do today. Relax and process. Then literally less than 30 seconds later I opened your email 🙂 xx

  4. Hey Lovely Claire,

    Thanks for sharing!

    I am so disappointed I didn’t see you on Saturday. Meredith and I would have loved to have given you a hug! 🙂

    Gabby’s workshop was a great refresh of everything we learnt with you in the Freedom Project.

    The gems I took away from Gabby were:

    Choose Again – we have the power to choose again when we may not get what we had hoped for,

    Pray for your highest good rather than what you think you need,

    Be open to ‘creative possibilities’ rather than having a one track mind!

    It was such an awesome day and I got so much out of it.

    Glad to hear you are doing so well!
    Ainslie x

    • Bummed I didn’t see you both for a cuddle. And yes, so glad this has supported you following The Freedom Project too. I also adore the gems you took away. I think they are BRILLIANT too!

  5. I love it Claire: “when things get good, work harder”! Of course! Things are good because we did the work in the first place and the Universe supported us, so when we are at a good place, our job is to keep doing what we’re doing and more of it!
    What really jumped out for me from your post is to ‘do the work’. Make the commitment, but make it sacred. Devotion rather than to-do lists.
    Thank you for the beautiful messages. I can’t wait to see Gabby myself when she is in London! Lots of love xx

    • Yay! Enjoy her in London. You’ll adore it. And yeah, I think we all need to be reminded to do the work, don’t we! Devotion is key on this journey. x

  6. I wish could have been there but WOW this is a brilliant substitute! That first point of coming back again and again is so potent and a beautiful reminder that devotion is a practice. It’s so easy to view the soul journey as a race and be harsh on ourselves when we slip up but a day by day practice and compassion makes returning to this practice so much more manageable. xx

    • Awesome Fran! Glad I could give you an insight into the experience. There are about 5 MORE hero messages that I could share… that are still percolating now. And I agree with you 100000%!

  7. What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing. I live in Perth and was so bummed she didn’t make it this way, but at least I’ve been getting some nuggets of her wisdom from awesome posts such as this one. Thank you x

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