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1) ‘The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success’ by Deepak Chopra
My latest read. It is an exceptionally small book – I’ve read one ‘law’ each night before lights out – but wow does it pack in a lot. This little gem breaks down the timeless spiritual ‘laws’ of Karma, Pure Potentiality, Detachment, Dharma (purpose!) Intention and more.

In a nutshell, this book brings to life how to become all that you are destined to and should be, with grace and ease. Using these powerful principles to find fulfilment- manifesting whatever it is your dream and seek. I’m going to do a summary in another post. But go out and read it!

2) Eveleigh Markets
I am loving the community feel as people come together each Saturday to shop local produce and enjoy good quality wholefood, coffee and company. The boy and I take our time… kicking off with a breakfast roll and then meandering through, picking up bits and pieces for the week. For $30 I can fill up two large shopping bags with straight-from-the-farm organic veg and then nip over to Mirrool Creek Farms for some of the most mouth-watering grass-fed and finished lamb!

3) My 1930s post-war burgundy leather chair
A spontaneous coffee with friends, in Erskineville, had me admiring the café’s collection of eclectic, shabby-chic furniture. Being a fan of vintage furniture, we decided to take the spontaneity one-step further and dashed off to Mitchell Rd Auctions. We spent an hour on the hunt for the right piece. In the process of haggling over a quaint little stool, my boyfriend decided to take rest and plonked himself down on a beautiful burgundy chair. Unexpectedly he discovered how comfortable it was … before long we were haggling for the stool and the chair. $60 for the pair – bargain.

It’s become my new reading/studying/sun catching chair.

4) Raw Cacao Powder
Seriously. There is nothing more decadent and good for you in one hit. I put a heap in my smoothies – makes them taste lightly chocolatey. I also mix together raw honey, hot water and and warm (raw) milk for a healthy hot chocolate. The same mixture is great as a cake icing replacement!

Cacao, born in South America (like most good things!) is the base ingredient for most chocolate products. The raw cacao beans are the most unprocessed form. The Incas considered cacao to be sacred – using it as currency for barter and also in marriage ceremonies.Packed with anti-oxidants, magnesium, chromium and vitamin C cacao acts as an energy booster, strengthens cardio-vascular system, reduces fatigue and regulate sleeps, stimulates immune system and the most delicious part… increases sexual appetite. 😉
I use the Loving Earth Raw Cacao Powder.

5) Sunday Roasts
Nothing beats a Sunday Roast. Enjoying a big breakfast and then spending the day pottering around, basking in the winter sun, reading the paper with a chai in hand paper and then eventually getting a roast going. Usually we cook up something we’ve picked up at Eveleigh markets – organic duck, lamb or chicken. Keeping it simple, there is always a heap of veg, garlic and fresh herbs paired with a good bottle of red. Not only does it taste like heaven, but there is something so special about spending time to prepare and enjoy a meal. Not just eating for fuel.

Happy Friday.

Signing off with an exhale.




4 Comments to “FIVE ON FRIDAY”

  1. Hey Claire! Great post, can't wait to try a few on the list! Keep up the good work, I get super excited when I get your post notifications! Keep them coming! Corona X

  2. Hey Corona, thanks for reading! Glad you are enjoying them so far. Hopefully I can keep coming up with interesting post topics.


  3. Hey Claire, thanks for the tip on the Loving Earth Raw Cacao Powder. Picked some up at the weekend. Amazing! Have a little of it in my Raw Muesli in the mornings. Makes a happy start to the day.

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