Audio Blog: Why I don’t believe we should expect nothing + appreciate everything

Audio Blog: Why I don’t believe we should expect nothing + appreciate everything
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‘Expect nothing + appreciate everything’…

This is the phrase that has literally been tugging at me over the last few weeks.

I recently shared via my newsletter (where I share lots of personal insights + wisdom) that I am on the receiving end of lots of beautiful wisdom from women on pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Most of this advice is so supportive. Sometimes, it’s not supportive at all.

Some of that advice  – ‘Expect Nothing’ – I completely understand. Great Expectations that are riddled with agendas and are buried under the attachment to the image of perfection can lead us into such a state of control and therefore control us.

However, there is something within the advice of ‘Expect Nothing’ that hasn’t been sitting with me right.

I am a woman of Inspired Action. Contemplation and Consciousness merge with the desire to be involved in life, to take action (yet surrender when required!) and to choose a positive, glass-half-full approach ALWAYS.

So, being told to ‘Expect Nothing’ feels a little futile.  I do not want to get caught up in controlling outcomes and then being let down by the unachievable goals, BUT I do believe in being empowered and making conscious choices.

Today’s 10 Minute Audio Blog explores discuss how to Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything and Being Aware and Proactive.

Without further adieu I’ll let you hit PLAY and listen in where I dissect the difference between expectations and positive, conscious behavior.


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Your turn:

  • Where have your expectations got the better of you?
  • How do you find the balance between being positive, empowered and conscious versus dropping rigid and controlling expectations?
  • Or simply share with me what resonates with you about this post!

Thanks for connecting! I can’t wait to read your comments. (Don’t worry, no expectations!)

Love + light,
Claire xx


One Comment to “Audio Blog: Why I don’t believe we should expect nothing + appreciate everything”

  1. Hi Claire,
    Congratulations of your pregnancy and impending motherhood and thank you for this post.

    I’m having some hormonal changes of my own which have resulted in intermittent bouts of insomnia for the last 2 years.

    Let me tell you, going from someone who had no problems sleeping 10 hours every night to waking in the early hours for 2 hours at a time is extremely frustrating.

    On the nights that I DO get a good night’s sleep I’ve found myself ‘expecting’ the next night to be the same and then feeling cheated when I was thrown into another sleepless night.

    This has definitely been a learning experience for me and I have had to learn to really appreciate the days when I don’t feel tired while not ‘clinging’ to my desire for the good nights to continue.

    It’s a balancing act and I have to make sure I get a good balance between withdrawing from life completely (I give up, I don’t care any more…) and making the most of each day, no matter what it brings.

    One thing I have discovered about myself is that I can still enjoy life when I’m feeling tired. I’ve had to learn to accept whatever the day brings. My favourite mantra is ‘no matter what I wish for, things are as they are.’

    Thanks again for reminding me about the middle way.

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