Episode #4: How to create a yoga and meditation practice that sticks

Episode #4: The A to Your Q with Claire Obeid.

How to create a yoga and meditation practice that sticks (as a mama!)

One of my beautiful tribe members, Kate Harrison from Little Yarrow has sent in this questions:

“I’d love to hear about how you find time for yoga and meditation with a little one and how to create a practice that sticks”.

Thank you Kate for sending in this question. It’s one that I know so many mamas and even those without children often ask. Why is it that many of us struggle to find the time and consistently maintain those practices that we both love and need? Self-sabotage perhaps? All seems too hard? Maybe.

In this episode I share how I personally find the time for the two practices that keep me whole – yoga and meditation – and how I make it stick; consistently showing up to these practices.

In this episode I share:

  • The importance of scheduling
  • How to ease, incrementally, towards your goal
  • Why compassion is everything
  • The power of committment without rigidity
  • What my personal practice looks like
  • Dropping the competition with yourself and others
  • Inviting presence into your day
  • Creativity is key to showing up to your practice

Listen to the episode:

Show notes:

Head here to visit my YouTube Channel for a few of my favourite yoga practices.


I should also add, which I forgot to mention in the episode, is that getting support so you can attend a class is super special and important too. Or maybe it’s attending a mums and bubs class or a somewhere with a creche!

What about you? How do you show up to your practice around your children? Do you have any tricks that have worked for you?

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