Episode 14: Learning to open wide with Melissa Ambrosini

Episode #14: Learning to open wide with Melissa Ambrosini

Relationships are at the very core of our human existence and soul journey.

Without them what is there? Together, Mel and I explore what it means to Open Wide and how they feeds into relationships, of all forms.

In this episode we cover:

  • Mel’s mantra – open wide – and how she starts her day with it
  • What her new book ‘Open Wide’ is about
  • Relationships as our biggest assignments and how to become willing to see the lessons within
  • Crystal Clear Communication
  • Relationships that need space instead of attention.
  • The words in our vocabulary that we need to let go of.
  • The need to cultivate deep love for yourself – and how this is the first step.
  • How your truth is different from someone else’s.
  • Aligning to your soul partner by getting clear on your values and beliefs.
  • Conscious sex practices versus junk food sex.
  • Orgasmic Meditation
  • How Mel frees her mind, fuels her body and feeds her soul.

Listen to the episode:

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Show notes:

Get your hands on Melissa’s new book here.

We also talk about OM – Orgasmic Meditation. Check them out here. 

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