One Woke Mama – Episode 044 – Immerse Yourself with Angels; A chat with Shunanda

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One Woke Mama – Episode 044 – Immerse Yourself with Angels; A chat with Shunanda

One of my most popular interviews on One Woke Mama was Episode 014 – Raising Sensitive, Spirited and Empath Children with Shunanda Scott.

Shunanda, who has been an integral part of my spiritual practice and journey over the last two year, hast just released her new self-paced online course; The Angel Immersion.

Intuitively, and as it seems guided by Angels – I felt to jump on an impromptu chat with Shunanda to talk all things Angels!

Working with Angels, under the guidance of Shunanda has literally saved me through many dark and trying times. In this episode we bring to you the power, beauty, joy, deep love and healing that can comes from immersing yourself in Angel work. It might sound a bit hippy and woo-woo (gosh I hate that word!) but it’s far from it.

Shunanda’s and her work is so needed right now considering the global climate and collective fear. Angels can and will hold and guide you through these times if you allow them, call them in and invite them to be with you.


Shunanda Scott is an Angel Medium, energy intuitive and mother of three living by the beach in Sydney.

Shunanda believes that EVERYONE can learn how to speak with Angels, everyone has Angels, and that you do not need a Medium or intermediary to connect with the divine.

After years of working as an Angel Medium, Shunanda now works as a teacher and mentor supporting her students to develop their own powerful intuitive gifts and abilities to work with the Angelic realm.

Shunanda also supports Light Workers and Light Leaders with 1:1 support and guidance to step into their purpose, and extend their light working careers.


Angel Immersion:



Show notes:

Join Practical Magic, Spiritual Medicine Membership Group HERE.

A monthly membership group to nourish, soothe, support and uplift.

Come together, connect and share in resources, practices and tools as a support through these wild times.

What’s Included:

  • Weekly Practical Magic and Spiritual Medicine based sessions: meditation, eft, breath work, somatic practices and more.
  • Themed monthly content: to dig a little into the spiritual, energetic, mental, physical and emotional support we all need.
  • Monthly Virtual Sacred Circles: Via zoom – to come into presence together. Connection. Illumination. Honouring. Reflection.
  • A responsive, inclusive and supportive space: designed to alchemise those heavy, anxious and out-of-control emotions; raising our vibration, staying present, positive and connected.

Cost: $11 per month until May 8th (increasing to $29 p/month)

Learn more about Shunanda’s Angel Immersion HERE:

Course Summary:

The Angel Immersion

The dismantling of the old 3d reality is well under way. As everything crumbles around us, the Angels are here, bringing their messages of loving guidance to support us through unprecedented times.

The mass awakening is happening before our eyes. For the Light Workers and Light Leaders, this is the work we have been preparing for. Remember you are here to serve now. This is when you chose to incarnate, and there has never been more urgency

Everyone can learn to speak with Angels. Everyone has Angels.

You do not need to be religious. You do not need a special “gift”. You do not need a Medium, Priest, or any other intermediary to receive loving guidance from the divine, every day, whenever you need it.

The Angel Immersion is 20 channelled Angel lessons, that teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to know about how to speak with the Angels.

The Angel Immersion is a one time investment of $149.99 USD.

The Angel Immersion is an experience. It is designed to be completed at your pace, and with space for every student to create their own unique Angel relationship. As part of the course, you will get:

  • Lifetime access to the course content: each of the 17 Angel lessons have been channeled to bring through new messages about how each Archangel can support you in the current, intense and rapidly changing 5d earth energy.
  • Meet new people, and share your journey in the sacred online Angel Aura community (exclusive lifetime access included for course students).
  • Learn how to speak with Angels: with all of your new knowledge from the Angel Immersion. The skills and techniques you learn in the course will stay with you for life. After you finish the Angel Immersion, your learning will continue, direct with the Angels themselves!
  • Raise your vibration: use your Light Practice to make healthy life changes that bring more light into your aura, to gently raise your vibration, with a multitude of positive and practical side effects as a result.
  • Never need to see a Medium again: Once you learn how to speak with Angels, you never need to outsource your connection to the divine again. Imagine being able to spend the rest of your life knowing that any time you need guidance, you can simply ask? There really are no words to explain how empowering and transformational this is. And I can’t wait for you to share how this experience changes your life in the Angel Aura community.
  • Faith: Working with the Angels creates faith. The feeling that faith brings into your life is softness, calm, peace, and detachment. Faith is being surrounded by love, and the knowledge that you are never truly alone. Faith takes away the fear of death, and brings a peace that is life changing.

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