Do you have your Roadmap to Happy?

Do you have your Roadmap to Happy?
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We are almost there, 2016 – a challenging year for so many of us – has almost come to a close.

Which can only mean ONE thing. A new year. A new opportunity. A new way. A new season.

What do you want this year to be, for you?
How do you want to feel?
What’s important to you?

For me, there is always something that LEADS the way each year. It might be my health, or business or family. True to form a ‘HERO’ focus comes into the light – one thing that I can’t ignore and must sink my teeth into. But over the years I’ve learned that I must pay attention to the full circle of my being too –  Mind-Body-Soul.

So when I’m tuning into intentions/resolutions/soul-ful goals I always ask myself this question;

“What is the roadmap to HAPPINESS for this year? How will I navigate towards joy and balance in Mind-Body-Soul”

I chew on this questions. I feel into my being. In turn, I create my own personal roadmap to happiness. It might be that I need to study more, do a workshop, get more tools to support me. Or perhaps I need more quiet, inner peace, space. Or movement, breath, meditation. Maybe all of it, at different times.


So let me ask you this; what is YOUR roadmap to happiness?

What does it look like?
Do you feel equipped to map out your pathway to a year of joy, balance, happiness, success?
Do you have the tools you need?
Are you ready to do what needs to be done to reach happiness? (It’s not something that just HAPPENS we have to take inspired action!)


This year I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve decided I want to work with YOU, specifically on arming you up with the right tools and knowledge to create your ROADMAP TO HAPPINESS – in Mind, Body and Soul.

I’m doing something I’ve never done before but am thrilled to bring this offering to you. It’s going to be potent, immersive, empowering. I’m doing this because part of my personal roadmap is to serve and connect and change lives.

Starting early February, I’ll be holding circle with an intimate group in my new coaching program:

Your Roadmap to Happy: 10 Week Online Group Immersion into your Mind-Body-Soul


I’ll be sharing more in the coming week. For now just tune in –  if you feel the TUG to work with me, in a very small group and be immersed in all things Mind-Body-Soul, shoot me an email (claire (at) or book in a call to discuss.

If you are ready to seek out at capture the happiness you so deserve then this program – Your Roadmap to Happy – is for you.


Claire xx

P.s Start date is February 5th.
This is strictly capped to 5-8 people max and might be the only way to ‘coach’ with me for a while.




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