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The best way for us to stay connected is Instagram – My favourite place to hang. Tune into my stories, watch my IGTV and soak up my newsfeed.

If you have any questions or comments regarding my programs, events, coaching, mentoring or podcast please reach out: hello (at)

Please note: In order to maintain a healthy relationship with my email, I only check and respond to emails every 1-2 days. My emails will be short yet soaked in love, leaving us all more time for the things (and people!) we love.

Thank you for taking the time to connect.

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A little love note on emailing support:

Unfortunately I am unable to offer free advice, coaching and support via email, Instagram DMs or any other form of communication outside of private coaching, group programs or workshops. Of course, if you feel called to work with me in a coaching capacity please connect and we’ll take the next steps together.


I prefer to keep my website and social media platform free of sponsored posts. Thank you for considering me. However, if you feel you have a product or offering that is in alignment with my work and what I stand for please send through via the contact form. If it resonates I’ll be in touch to consider sharing it via my IG stories only.



If you feel I would be well received on your podcast please reach out – I am willing and ready to chat with you if my work resonates with your audience.

Unfortunately I do not feature guest posts/submissions and I am not interested in paid social followers.

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Claire Obeid is a Somatic Life Coach, Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Alchemist, and Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

Claire holds sacred space through her embodied presence for her clients to take on the commitment, change and practices needed to connect to a deeper sense of aliveness, essence, agency, and resilience. She uses the alchemical magic and medicine in her toolkit to move with others through times of transition and rebirth.

Claire is passionate about the journey of awakening through higher consciousness, deep healing, growth and shadow work. This transformation inevitability happens as we awaken to our true selves. Through the various stages of womanhood, motherhood and the human experience, Claire is deeply committed to supporting those who are ready to remember the wholeness and aliveness that resides at their very core – the place where we intersect with our higher self, divine source and the oneness in all of life.

As a mama of two living by the ocean in Sydney, Claire calls on her intuitive abilities, ancient wisdom and everyday experiences as a woman and mama to be the wayshower, lightworker and leader innate to her very self.

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