COFFEE LOVERS – 9 reasons why it might be good for you

COFFEE LOVERS –  9 reasons why it might be good for you
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I recently blogged about caffeine (mainly in coffee form) and how it has recently made me feel shaky and nauseas.
I also listed some of the  side effects – mostly the bad ones.  But on the weekend I was visiting my parents and saw the joy that coffee brings my father. He had just returned from Aldi (what is it with old people and Aldi?) and was really excited (for a 76yr old!) about a new espressso coffee machine that he’d bought.
He set it up and was ready to go… except no one in my family wanted a cup. They were all either a) no longer drinking coffee or b) fussy about where there coffee comes from.
After saying ‘no-thanks’ to my Dad three times, he blurted out ‘why? what have you got against coffee?’ I started to rattle off my list of complaints with it and how it makes me feel… He smirked at me and said… yes,  but there is alot of good in it too.
It got me thinking. Some people really love their coffee and downright refuse to cut it out. Rightly so. Each to their own. But I decided to dig a little deeper and uncover the good in coffee.
Being a believer of balance, ying + yang, black and white, light and shade – you get the picture – I felt it was only fitting to follow-up with a list of all the goodness that coffee can provide.
1) Happiness – have you ever watched a coffee lover take their first sip? Eyes softly closed, mouth  wrapping around the cup, a look of relief comes over the face, a sign escapes the lips. Good, bad, or ugly. That moment, if you experience it, is worth it. It’s not just a feeling, but coffee can tackle depression in women by up to 20 percent.
2) Soothe a sore body – a US study found that coffee after exercise reduced muscle soreness. Apparently caffeine activate the release of B endorphins which equals less pain! .
3) Social circles – coffee brings people together. It’s nice to meet up with a friend and catch-up over a coffee.
4) Happy heart – 20 percent reduced heart disease risk with moderate coffee consumption
5) Energy booster – it’s probably good to not be dependant on coffee to wake you up, but in times of real exhaustion, sometimes the little kick you get from coffee helps you to make it through, especially when going home to sleep is not an option. Clarity of mind and focus is something we need in our day to day lives!
6) Cancer fighting – apparently one daily coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 50 percent according to research at the National Cancer Centre in Tokyo.  Also, a Swedish study has found that boiled coffee can lower the pssibility of developing breast cancer

7) Mood – Some people note an improved sense of well-being, happiness, energy, alertness and sociability.

8) Focus – Even a small hit of caffeine can make you feel alert and focused.

9) Asthma Relief – it can be helpful for those with asthma. In an emergency, coffee can be used to prevent an attack – but still doesn’t replace medication!


I think my biggest take-out from this list is that, yes, there are benefits to coffee, but it’s imperative that if you are a coffee drinker that the rest of your diet is packed with nutrient dense wholefoods – fresh, seasonal healthy produce. If you are slugging down the coffee with a poor diet then the above list means nothing!
If you are addicted to having more than two or three coffees a day then maybe rethink your attachment to it and how you can enjoy this beverage, in a healthy manner and without dependancy.
How is your relationship with coffee? Have you started to clue into how it makes you feel and why you drink it?
Signing off with an exhale.
Pause. Listen. Live.


2 Comments to “COFFEE LOVERS – 9 reasons why it might be good for you”

  1. As a late comer to the world of coffee and let me be specific, expresso, I can only say that it gets me through the day..
    It is a lifesaver for the sleep deprived, stressed, hands on dad, that juggles running a business and family life with 3 kids under 6.
    Having resisted the urge for 33 years to even have it touch my lips due mainly from my early childhood experience (ie. nightmare) of making countless "metrio" Greek/Turkish coffees with "kamaki" for my parents and the relatives that visited on weekends I find sitting down with my warm flat white (used to be soy latte until my sis-law advised me otherwise) whisks me away to whereverland but here for those 20 minutes before I get back to the grind stone.

  2. Hello Anonymous (AKA as John),

    I hear you, coffee is needed to manage your clan. Nice to know that your coffee has the power to transport you to a happier place!

    Enjoy and glad you've ditched the soy.


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