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Posted October 18, 2011

I always said I’d only use my blog to write about the things I love but I have been asked this question so often that I thought it was time to explain myself! When I was doing my teacher training, actually also before that even started, I noticed that I had been pouring over nutrition articles and health magazines just as much, if not more, than yoga books. It very slowly dawned on me that I had become passionate about what I was putting in my body just as much as I cared about what I was doing with my body (or trying to at east!) Then a series of epiphanies hit me. I had been quietly soaking up all the life-giving and nutritional knowledge passed on by  my parents… AND I had come to love it I had become the ‘go-to’ person for all things food, health and nutrition I loved being the ‘go-to’ person, helping and advising people where possible I had, in some way, been a coach/counsellor to my friends and family for as long as I could remember The last point is a big one – I’d always known I was the advice-giver, the supporter, the listener. I had struggled with this concept at one point in my life and went through a stage where I tried to reject this part of my make-up. I had, also, always hated it when people would say; ‘Claire, you should be a counsellor!’ I used to think… ‘No way! Why would I want to try and help people that just sap your energy, throw away the advise, and then continue to live with the same negative patterns, never wanting to better their situation. Wait, that sounds really negative – hold on, it gets better… It wasn’t until I had those four epiphanies, coupled with the realisation that I had slowly morphed into a stronger, calmer, balanced and happy version of myself, that I realised I really, really, wanted to help people. It sounds corny and so idealistic, but the moment I realised that I am (and always have been) destined to assist others in some way was the first time I felt a true sense of ‘being’… of ‘being me’. I then discovered that through yoga teaching and IIN that there was a way for me to ‘counsel’ people towards health and happiness through something I’ve coined ‘active therapy’. It’s not just sitting and listening to people whinge, there is a much more active, focused method in approaching an individual’s concerns and tackling them head-on. So here I am. Having completed my training and now teaching yoga (loving it!) and now a Certified Health Coach I thought it was time to put it out there and really explain what I am all about and what I do. I get asked what a health coach is all the time. It’s relatively new here in Australia but is a growing career within the already booming health industry. As a Health + Wellness Coach, I work with individuals or groups to find ways to help them live as the best possible version of themselves by looking at all the areas of their life. Together, we tackle nutrition as the foundation but also look at other elements of their life/lifestyle that may be holding the individual back from reaching true balance, health and happiness. My business is called The Wellness Project which encompasses yoga and coaching. They can be grouped or utilised seperately. Our search for balance in every aspect of our lives is an on-going journey, a fluid, ever-changing experience. It is a life project and one that requires support, guidance and attention. As a health + wellness coach I don’t simply look at your diet and give you an eating plan (that will mostly be ignored!) Nor do I just listen to your problems without offering action-steps. Instead, I work with clients to set achieveable, workable goals to make sustainable changes for the long-term. Together we navigate the confusion and contradictory world of nutrition to determine what will work for you and how to ensure it sticks! We work through a personalised program and explore issues and concerns every step of the way. Ultimately clients end up with more energy, feeling lighter, brighter and clearer about their life and goals. Results include weight loss, a healthier mind and body, a strong and a general sense of balance, wellbeing and happiness. Each individual gets the attention they deserve, rather than just being another appointment… another number. Isn’t that all we really want? I know that’s all I want… You can delve in a little more and learn about my business here: But, if you want feel free to shout out any questions you might have…. Or even get in touch if you want a free health history consultation! Signing off with an exhale. Pause. Listen. Live Cx Read more

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