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This one is for all your Sydneysiders… or those visiting soon.

Everyone now and then, someone has the insight, skill and drive to create something a little different. Something that breathes life into our somewhat stale, routine existence. Cue The Nourishing Quater, a quaint little pocket of foodie heaven, that has injected a little life force and whole lot of love into the Sydney restaurant game.

If you, like me, are the kind of foodie that loves to know where your food came from, how it came to life and what it gives back to you, then this is your place. It’s also a place where you can reconnect. To friends, food, life. Which is exactly what I did.

I had the pleasure of going to NQ with two very special friends. I met these two unique and beautiful individuals at a yoga retreat a couple of years back. When we get together there is laughter, love and alot of nourishment. NQ was the perfect setting. When we first entered we were greeted by the sweetest setting – shabby-chic quaintness meets British/Australiana. Mis-matched floral plates, dainty teapots and worn vintage furniture filled the small, cosy restaurant.

(Sorry, really crappy phone pics… it was dark)

But what stood out most was the service. Each person we encountered from NQ took the time to check in with us, answering our questions – there were a few – asking us questions and talking us through what NQ is all about.

Imagine live food, fresh produce and energy giving ingredients.

The fusion of South American, Asian and Mediterranean flavours and ingredients might have you thinking that the menu is erratic and complex. But surprisingly it’s light, fresh, whole and nourishing. In fact, quite the opposite, I was surprised by how good I felt with each dish.

There was too much to choose from! Staring at the menu just had my stomach grumbling so we asked for guidance and gave ourselves up to the NQ Gods. After all, they know what’s best when it comes to eating dairy, meat and gluten free – 100% vegan.
We shared rice paper rolls, dumplings (heavenly!), spicy lemongrass tofu and vegetables and a mild Indian inspired curry. Seriously, I’ve never tasted tofu so good, or fresh with light and zingy dressings. The chia seeds and Quinoa (two of my faves) added a gorgeous texture and added weight to each dish.

And the cake – my god. A last minute take-away purchase… I die! I took it home to the boy and tricked the hardcore carnivore into eating the ‘delicious cheesecake’. I omitted the vital information – gluten and dairy free, no cheese in the cheesecake, nah-ah! But packed with yummy goodness…coconut oil, almond crust, lemon, raspberry and even avocado. The best cheesecake I’ve ever had!

Overall, the food was impeccable. I literally felt light and bouncy after it and, well… nourished!

Getting in touch and reconnecting with healing food traditions from ancient cultures, feeling nourished by my friends and the experience and being mindful about what I put into my body all contributed to NQ climbing straight to the top of my favourite foodie spots.

So… I was too wrapped up in the experience to take lots of pictures – can you tell? For a more detailed ‘food review’ check out this awesome blog.

Otherwise have a little look-see at the Nourishing Quarter’s website for more information.

Have you been to the Nourishing Quarter? What do you think of vegan, dariy-free, gluten-free food?

Signing off with a big exhale…





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