How to hold a cleansing ritual in your home

How to hold a cleansing ritual in your home
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Why I decided to do a cleansing ritual…

Moving can be such a traumatic experience. Especially if you choose to play in the mud-pit of stress that goes hand in hand with boxes, bubble wrap and tape. (We still have a pile of boxes on the balcony to flat-pack!) My husband and I spent the last two weeks packing up our life, after 4 years in the same place, and moving into a new home, suburb and era. An experience that could have been so stressful, but instead it was smooth, easy and almost fun (bar the exhaustion!)

They say change is a good as a holiday.

But just like a holiday where you have to battle through travel, long distances, and countless hiccups, moving too comes with a whole lot of effort, planning and patience.

However now we are here. And the change is good. Great even. A palpable shift – physically, emotionally, mentally. We are settled. Slowly making this new space our new home. And quite poignantly our baby kicked for the first time on the day we moved in, right on 11:11am. A good omen me thinks!

This new home is both foreign and comfortable all at the same time (kinda like pregnancy!) We don’t completely have our bearings, our ‘due north’ is still a little foggy. But we are getting there – navigating and integrating with ease and without expectation.

Despite the fact that I am utterly thrilled to be here (I’m now back on home soil living seaside where I spent the first 23 years of my life and a stone’s throw away from my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews) I can’t pretend that this shift, energetically, has been seamless.

How do you let go of a place you’ve called home for close to 4 years?

The place where your bond with the man you loved deepened?

The place where you started your thriving and love-filled business?

The place where you studied, explored the ‘self’, got engaged, married and even knocked up?

Our home over the last few years is a treasure trove of memories and life-changing, pivotal moments. Not to mention that my husband, a Cancerian and a true home-body, naturally feels displaced in any new environment.

It’s because of this huge and weighty question that I decided to wipe the slate clean and consciously start our new life fresh. I wanted to detox ourselves, our new home and even our ‘things’ of any negative energy, judgments, expectations and limiting beliefs that might stand in the way of us moving forward positively.

A Cleansing Ritual was in order…

I arrived at our new apartment first. It was empty and felt odd. Before our stuff arrived with Chris and the removalists and again after the bulk of the move was done I (to my husband’s amusement) held a little ceremony of sorts. I used a beautiful Sage + Lavendar Smudge stick to help this cleansing ritual.

With reverence I walked through our home starting at the front door, in a clockwise direction. With the Smudge Stick lit I entered every room, corner and crevice. Circling the smoke high and low as I loudly stated my intentions for each room. I also called on the white light, angels and spirit guides to support our life, our baby and our future with love. I felt a little choked up with emotion. Something shifted and bubbled up within me. It felt healing, instantly.

Screenshot 2014-09-25 09.42.27

Not long after my Mum arrived help. She, armed with with Holy Water from the local church, walked through our room and sprinkled the water throughout our home to cleanse and bless our new space. Mum told me to ask for our home, baby and marriage to be blessed and called on Mother Mary + Jesus to guide and protect us. A beautiful serenade to the ‘religion’ and spirituality of my childhood.


Now, to shed some further light on this experience and to give you gorgeous readers some extra insight I also called up Feng Shui, Sacred Cleansing + Energy Expert Renee Longworth. Renee kindly answered a few questions I had about this powerful process. I followed many of her ‘how-to’ steps to cleanse which can you check out below. (I recommend printing and keeping!)

Renee’s insights and tips:

For someone who has never heard of it before, what is a ‘house’ clearing?

A house clearing is a ritual or ceremony which is performed with the intention of clearing your space of any old negative energetic patterns. These patterns can be created from the building of your home or biz, (e.g. frustrated dealings with contractors) the history of the land, past occupants or current circumstances or events.

A home or building is a living breathing entity and hears and sees everything within its space. It will absorb the energy of it’s events within the very fibres of its structure and can hold onto negative patterns or energy. By clearing negative energy and invoking positive energy, it helps to create a sacred space for you to flourish and thrive in.

Why is it important to cleanse and clear our homes/offices etc?

For example, when you move into a new home or if there has been an argument within a space, it’s important to clear this energy as it can have an effect on how you function. Also the energetic pattern can start to change how you respond to circumstances, how your family interacts with one another and your overall positive outlook. We all know the feeling you get when you walk into a room after a two people have just had an argument. Even the language we use for the awkwardness of the atmosphere directly refers to the energy that has been created – ‘You could’ve cut the air with a knife’.

Is there a history to this practice?

Most cultures have Space Clearing rituals. And each culture will have a particular tool they associate with. Wiccans or Pagans are known to use their brooms to sweep the energy out of the home, hence witches on broomsticks. Australian Aboriginals use gum leaves for smoking ceremonies. Native Americans use sage. Most Christian based religions will use Frankincense and Myrrh incense as well as Holy Water to clear and heighten the energy. So it’s a very ancient ritual adopted by most cultures.

What are some tips for performing a house clearing on your own?

There are many different tools you can use for Space Clearing e.g. sound, essential oils, incense etc and many different procedures. But let’s look at using Sage or commonly known as the Smudge Stick. This little ritual is very easy to implement, though can also be very powerful.

1) Before you start it is recommended you open all your windows as this will help in the clearing process but also stop your smoke alarm from going off! And provide you with great ventilation.

2) It’s also important you become clear on what it is that you wish to banish from your space. You may have noticed an increase in fear or arguments so naming or voicing those patterns will help set your intention for your clearing.

3) Meditate and ground your energy. By meditating and grounding your energy you become centred, which provides you with the ability to connect well with your space, move through the energy, and transform it. You can also call in any Higher Spirits e.g. Angels and Spirit Guides, to assist you in the clearing.

4) You can start either at your front door or from your Altar or ‘spiritual work station’. What ever feels right for you.

5) Light your smudge stick and be sure to have a ceramic bowl or tray you can use to catch ash or any burning embers. And then start moving around your space. I usually snake around each room of the home or biz, making sure you get into each nook and cranny as this is where stagnant energy loves to hang out. Be sure you focus also on spots that actually feels harder to move through.

6) Whilst doing this always focus on the energies you are wanting to clear and at the same time asking for Massive Golden Light and/or Love to enter. This helps to fill your space with the highest energy.

7) Once you have snaked through your entire home complete the ritual by meditating, centering  and sending gratitude to any Higher Spirits you have asked to help and to your home, for providing you with a safe and supportive place.

What’s the main difference in getting a house clearing done (such as by yourself) or we DIY it?

Most good Feng Shui consultants will be formally trained in Space Clearing and it’s a practiceis not to be taken lightly. It is sacred.  And there will be situations when a trained professional will be required. Someone who has been trained will have had experience in connecting on a deep level with spaces, it’s energies, land spirits, other realms and any spirits that may be present. As there are many layers to a home, biz or the land.

Space Clearing is also a practice of clearing spirits, malevolent ghosts, energy vortex’s or doorways and if you feel this is something that is present in your space it isn’t advised to try and clear them yourself. Some spirits can be particularly strong and there are safety aspects to this practice which needs to be considered and integrated.

Also if your space is holding onto very ingrained energy, e.g. something that could have been imprinted from a traumatic event, this energy could be affecting you in ways that you may not be aware of. And could in fact, lead you to have different behavioural patterns or thought processes.

The Space Clearings I provide are very thorough and go into much more detail than a DIY . I seem to specialise in clearing malevolent spirits and connecting with the Ancestors of the Land.

Recently my sister and I did a ‘mini’ sage cleansing + intention setting exercise on myself, her and my niece. We felt it was important as we were all moving into different phases. Can you shed some light on this as a practice – cleansing individuals?

Any ritual with strong intention will create a potentially strong transformation of energy. Our energy extends outside from our physical bodies (this is usually called your aura or other energy stems like chakras, nadis etc) and this is where you can hold negative thoughts, emotions or other unhealthy patterns before it manifests into the physical.

When you are using Sage with the intention of clearing what no longer serves you from around your body, or in your aura, you are releasing this from these energy systems.

Sage also has the ability to seal and repair any minor tears in your aura. This allows for your energetic boundaries to become stronger.

It’s a really beautiful thing to do as preparation to any spiritual work, transitions or simply, if you’ve had a rough day and want to clear the day off.


Amazing stuff huh? Renee is a gem and I loved everything she shared. Particularly how she simplifies why we need to cleanse our spaces.

Personally, I am planning on holding another cleansing ritual this weekend after our first full week in our new home. Everything is new (not just the furniture) including the energy and attitude. And I plan on conducting sage cleanses on myself and Chris to release what no longer serves us and blocks our growth and expansion (see above). There is so much personal transformation happening within me, through this baby and also in our relationship.

I have felt so much ease, grace, joy and acceptance through this change.

This new home feels special and aligned. And this is a feeling I want to stay tuned into it.

Your turn: Do you regularly hold cleansing rituals? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences if you do. Or if you’ve yet to do it, do you think this might be supportive for you? Share below in the comments.

love + light,

Claire x

P.s You can stay connected to Renee HERE.

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9 Comments to “How to hold a cleansing ritual in your home”

  1. Hi Claire, thanks for sharing this. I too have some training in Feng Shui and space clearing and agree it is a beautiful practice to get into. Renee is spot on about it being a sacred ritual – don’t we need more of this in our lives?!

    In addition to white sage, I like to use salt water in a spray bottle for cleansing and also sound vibration like drums or a tibetan bowl to shift stuck energy. I move in one direction to clear, then move in the opposite direction to bring in energy according to a particular intention. To bring in energy I make up an essential oil mix to spray and use sound vibration again and white light. I also operate from a central altar space which you can create to hold your intention for the clearing. Doing it with a handful of people really enhances the power and effect, especially if you incorporate a visualisation meditation. Also, FYI Denise Linn has a great book called ‘Sacred Space’ with all kinds of tools and tricks to choose from when space clearing your home.
    Best wishes for your new home and new chapter!

    • Thanks for sharing! Love the idea of using sound and essential oils. I’ve read alot about working from a central altar and when I redo the cleanse I’ll be working from that space.

  2. Claire, this is a great post! We use sage and sweetgrass at the treatment center where I work to support them in cleansing negative energies and starting fresh. I really haven’t integrated this ritual into my personal life yet, but this is a nice nudge to do so. I have started using essential oils in a diffuser at home which is really nice! I just heard a quote about rituals on a podcast today with Sobonfu Some, where she said “Ritual is for the soul like food is for the physical body.” loved it! xx Valerie

  3. I just performed one last night! I had a friend staying with us, and we had a lot of really great, but deep talks and connection while she was here, so I just cleaned my house, opened all of the windows, and performed a cedar smudge with the intention of clearing any of the heavy and negative energy that doesn’t serve me anymore. It always feels amazing to perform it, and I can certainly feel the difference. Also, if I am having a bad day, or someone has held on to me on an energetic level (you know, those vampires in your life) I smudge my own body to cut those ties and ground myself. I recommend it to anyone and everyone who feels comfortable with this method of cleansing!

  4. I am about to leave a much loved home for a rental while our new home is being built. This was a great find, thanks for posting this, l can use it for the rental and our new home xx

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