It’s a little bit rich that I’m writing a post on hangover cures – considering I barely drink. But, truth be told I used to drink (and do a whole lot more than that – party girl, much?) and I also understand what the body wants after a big night of drinking.

So, if the silly season is in full swing for you or you know that on new year’s you are going to let loose then here are a few super quick and easy ways to recover and avoid chemicals and drugs to get through it.


Yes, water, and more water. But we really need to up the ante when it comes to hydration. So try this. Either add a dash of Himalayan or Celtic salt to your bottle of water to encourage absorption. OR, get your hands on a fresh coconut – drink the water and enjoy the flesh. Not only does coconut water have lots of lovely electrolytes, but the flesh is high in fat. Noticed how we crave fat when we are hungover?  Fat triggers a release of the feel-good hormones AND it’s the most energy dense foods – we need to refuel to heal.


A third of toxins in the body are expelled through your skin. Get a hot towel, soak it in hot water and wring it out. Begin scrubbing your dry skin vigorously from the feet, upwards towards your heart. Do your entire body until your skin goes pink. Then jump in the shower and blast your skin with cool and then warm water. Detoxifying and cleansing. Bonus – it gets the blood pumping and can re-energise you when you are feeling flat


Get some greens into your body. Try a green supplement. My favourite is Synergy Naturals Super Greens (Chlorella, Spirulina, Barley Grass and Wheat Grass). Mix it into water or your favourite juice and have a big hit of green energy. We are talking about life-sustaining food here. Clearing out your insides, enhancing healing and repair, rebalancing your pH levels, detoxifying the digestive system and dumping lots of powerful antioxidants and enzymes to support your body, inside and out!


Your liver is one of our powerhouse organs. It already has enough on it’s place let alone having to work through all that booze. Give it some support by taking a Milk Thistle supplement. This can actually be taken before you head out to drink or the days following. It helps the liver in it’s detox function and also encourages liver cells to repair. Nifty, huh.


Yep, eat fat. Good fat though. Have some avocado, nuts, coconut oil. Enjoy a healthy fry-up (pastured eggs, organic/grass-fed bacon, easy on the bread).  Even have some Haloumi. Your body wants energy and it wants to heal. There is a reason you crave something greasy the next day, but you can still keep it clean – cook it yourself, use good quality oils/butter and make sure your produce is organic and fresh.


Get yourself to the ocean and dive right in – no matter how cold. Salty swims always seem to rebalance and renew. There is nothing quite like it. If you can’t get to the ocean or a pool then bath-time it is.


No brainer. Slow down. Do a little less. There’s no need to accomplish any big tasks.

Your turn: We all have our own fool-proof remedies. Share below – what’s your personal cure for a hangover?

love + light,


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