Welcome back to another installment of 5 on Friday.

Check out this week’s VLOG to hear all about what I’m loving this week. And of course the below post includes information/links.


1) Paying it Forward

Last Sunday my fiance and I on our weekly ‘Sunday Funday’ outing were struck by the kindness of strangers. On this particular Sunday we headed to the Sydney Cellar Door festival. Despite being wine lovers (me, not so much the wino by I feed off his JOY for good red wine) we’d just decided to wander around to save $$ when a lovely woman offered us her left over tokens. We happily accepted them and headed straight to our favourite winery from the Hunter – Tamberlaine Organic Wines. Once there the cellar boys refused to take our tokens and insisted on giving us the samples for free. Feeling a little guilty at this point we then decided to buy a few tokens and give back to these wineries who had spent so much time and money that weekend.

I had already decided that we were going to Pay it Forward too! How could we not? So I made sure to keep a few tokens aside and as we left I passed them onto a group who were over the moon to receive them.

It reminded me how important it is to be kind, just because you can. To be generous with your time, money, love, attention… especially to strangers! To live outside of the ‘me, me, me’ bubble. The energy that first woman passed onto me then trickled down to another group and I’m hoping it continued you. It’s all about affecting the collective consciousness and lifting the vibrational energy.

2) A gift of jewellery

I’m am most definitely still a woman who appreciates nice things. Recently I had noticed alot of images of the stunning Tara Wolf Chakra bracelets online. In the back of my mind I was thinking about getting one when out of nowhere the amazing sister duo Julia and Libby (you must check out these ladies!) emailed me to say, as new ambassadors of the brand, that they’d love to gift me a gorgeous bracelet. How’s that for manifesting! Yew! The best bit, it arrived on a day when I really needed some love. If you haven’t already, check out these gorgeous bracelets that represent either Chakras or astrology signs. I was gifted the Sahasrara Crown Chakra which is all about inspiration, enlightenment and bliss. I’m down with that!


Check it out here.

3) Super Greens

If you have ever worked with me as a client or spent enough time on this blog you’ll know that I LOVE my greens – fresh, dark and leafy. But I’m also a fan of good quality supplementation. Not to mention that I love a product that multi-tasks. Super Greens from Synergy Natural is a hero when it comes to greens. It includes Spirulina, Barley Grass, Chlorella and Wheat grass. No additives, fillers, binders or preservatives. I’ve been added just one scoop into my smoothies and have been feeling more balanced, energy-wise. Worth a try.


Check it out here.

4) Chinese Medicinal Tea – Bo He.

When I first quit coffee – quite a while ago now – I started ordering lots of herbal teas when out at a cafe. I spend alot of time at About Life and discovered this little gem. It’s a Chinese Medicinal Tea called Bo He (Organic Field Mint). On the packet it says this eliminates fire from the head and eyes and is cooling in nature. Which makes it a brilliant option for these clammy, humid days! The best bit – it helps with digestion but doesn’t have a laxative effect like caffeine can (which isn’t a good idea, this just irritates the gut to create a motion) and also leaves your eyes bright and refreshed. I LOVE this tea.


Check it out here.

5) Inspirational Women

Last week at the Sun Warrior photo shoot I met Kerrie Otto De Grancy. This woman – her power, enthusiasm, passion – left me in awe. She has a message that I think is so incredible. She is raising awareness around Blood and the need for donations. Her own daughter survived a premature birth from 9 blood donations. Kerrie is not working for profit, at all. She is aiming to raise awareness and more (regular) blood donations by completing her first 100km marathon. This woman is tiny but mighty. And this course is even bigger. I know that blood saved a friend’s life after she had difficulties during labour. I am forever grateful for each and every person out there that donates blood and also to Kerrie for raising awareness around this much-needed issue. I’m going to feature Kerrie soon on the blog but I just had to express my love for her and this cause.

Check out more information here.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s 5 on Friday. Tell me, what are you loving this week?

Saha to you,

Claire x



  1. Claire, thank you for your kindness and support. The feeling is mutual. Your divine energy, sense of peace and wonderful listening skills are a direct reflection of your incredible work. It is extremely inspiring and rewarding to be surrounded by people with similar belief systems and intentions. I very much look forward to our next encounter.

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