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Hello there lovers. Welcome to another installment of 5 on Friday… and yep, we are video blogging again. For some reason the universe (and many of you!) are digging the VLOGS… (a BIG huge dollop of gratitude to you and the universe) so, here I am again. Below is a write-up of the 5 things I am loving if watching the VLOG isn’t for you.

This week’s 5 on Friday is all about the experiences that enrich and shape us and allow us to feel conscious and alive. Happy watching.

1) Coaching

In my 1-2-1 coaching sessions I get a buzz from working with amazing individuals!  But, I’m not here to talk about my coaching (although, if you want more info drop me a line!) but to talk the experience of being coached. This week I embarked on a blog-coaching session with the incredibly delightful Rachel from In Spaces Between. This lady knows her shizzle! It was SO refreshing being told what to do and getting support where it was needed. We are human beings, sometimes we need someone to show us the way.  There is nothing wrong with arming yourself up the tools, people and experiences to make your life sweeter. (Look out for additions and change to my website and blog).


2) One Great Find 

Science of Stillness

This is an online program that teaches a 5,000 year old technique called Stillness Sessions.  I wanted to draw your attention to this amazing program. If meditation is something you are keen to try then please, please explore Science of Stillness more. It couldn’t be anymore easier – it’s accessible, it’s in the privacy of your own home/world, it’s easy to learn (it’s less than $300!) and it’s ready and waiting for you. Check it out here.

One Life Retreat

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.45.18 PM

Tom and the team at Science of Stillness are holding a beautiful retreat in Bali this April. If I wasn’t getting married in April I would be there! In Tom’s words, you will leave this retreat “A more advanced version of who you were before. You will leave fuller, more evolved, more conscious”. If yoga, meditation, swimming, heart-connections, meeting new people, self-love and growth is something you are ready for in your life then this retreat is for you. Head over to here to find out more and watch a fantastic video from the retreat.


3) Heart-connections on home soil

And when you can’t head off to Bali for a retreat but you need to fill your love cup? Look to home-grown gatherings that are cropping up everywhere. Like-minded people meeting together to share beautiful food, gratitude circles, meditation and more. I am in the process of building a group just like this after the idea came to me last year in a meditation session. Last weekend I was blessed to attend one such event (where I finally met Tom Cronin of One Great Find – a big old love bomb to this amazing human being!) and was totally love-stoned by the end of the experience. It felt so good to feel ‘oneness’ – the feeling of deep, inner connectedness. Maybe create your own or see what’s out there?


4) Raw C Coconut Water


Natural. Sugar-free. Convenient. I was recently sent a sample and I’m totally digging it – especially the convenient 1litre tetra pack. Nothing is added in. Raw C is excited to have have chef and healthy living advocate Pete Evans as an owner and partner in Natural Raw C. Niiiice.


5) My Valentine’s Day Bundle of Love Prize Pack


You know what I’m mostly loving? Reading the truly open, raw and honest entries into my Valentine’s Day competition. I’m not just thrilled to bits with the ‘completeness’ of this prize (Umm…yoga class pass, yoga mat, green supplement, yummy treats, juice cleanse, eye pillow and coaching session with moi… hello?!) but, my love cup is over-flowing reading how each of you practice self-love, including the challenges and wins you’ve faced in your journey. There is still plenty of time to enter (head over here) – the winner will be announced in my eNewsletter out on Friday 22nd of February. Sign-up to my Weekly Wellness Update here – you get a free 11 minute healing light meditation when you do!


There you have it – 5 on Friday. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog and I look forward to hear your comments and feedback. Don’t forget to hit like and share this with your friends.

Until next week, saha to you.



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