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It’s all about the Greens.

In my household I think we go through at least two huge bunches of silverbeet/kale/chard per week – that’s just for the two of us and that doesn’t include all the green veggies we munch on.

I don’t feel quite right if I haven’t had my dose of greens. But let’s be honest, sometimes we have one of those days when we don’t have the time to cook or prepare. I try and avoid this as much as possible, but hey…it happens.

There are a few ways to get more greens in your life, especially if you know you’ve got a back-to-back day and you need the energy, nutrition but also the convenience.

Here are 3 ways to get your green on:

1) Invest in a high-quality nutritional support

My favourite is GOOD GREEN STUFF. I was given a sample by a friend and yoga student who’s family owns and runs NuZest. She was kind enough to provide me with all the information, but it was after I trialled it that I realised how good this stuff is! I know that there are plenty of other brands on the market, and they all have their benefits. The difference with Good Green Stuff is that it has been engineered with the understanding of what the body can absorb, what inhibits absorption and what combinations are best. There are no nasty fillers, there is enough of each element (fruits, greens, berries, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, herbs, protein, antioxidants) but not too much that your body will just flush it out. Wow, I sound like I work for them. I don’t, but I’m just impressed by it and love to share it with you.


Mix into your smoothie, added to water or if you must a bit of fruit juice and this will give you a heap of energy and a boost of greeny goodness. My friend mentioned that her boyfriend, previously a 5 x per day espresso coffee drinker now has this twice a day and has more energy than ever.


2) A big, HUGE, green smoothie or juice.

There are a HEAP of fantsatic cafes that make green smoothies or juices. If you can’t (or won’t) make your own at home then pop out on your lunch break or whenever you can for a green hit. Just avoid the ones with alot of fruit. The greener the better.

3) Green balls

That sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Nope? Don’t blame you. But really, until you’ve tried a delicious green bliss ball it won’t ruffle your feathers. I know that Urban Remedy sells Green Amazeballs by Lee Holmes – Supercharged Food.

Or, make your own? Check out this recipe from The Healthy Chef.

If all else fails just steam the biggest bowl of crunchy, super fresh greens you can manage. Lashings of real butter to help with absorption of vital minerals and vitamins and… enjoy!

Saha to you,



Good Green Stuff

Green Light Bulb


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