I realise that I am completely ‘out-there’ most of the time – via this blog, my facebook page and instagram. I am often told I am a very ‘authentic’ person – which is so interesting to me because I don’t know how to be anything other than me. So all of me is out ‘there’ for you all to see and hopefully connect with.

What has become obvious to me recently though is that there is a much quirkier, sillier side to Claire that perhaps I haven’t shared as much. This wasn’t done on purpose – I rarely have a strategy behind anything that I do – but I guess I’ve just not felt the need, previously, to express that side.

I can assure you though, I will definitely be letting that out alot more. I feel a strong desire to be MORE me, MORE of the time.

I guess when you do alot of deep spiritual/self-development work, the authentic person that you are becomes more and more refined. The false layers fall away and what I once thought was ‘me’ is no longer, which has created space for the essence of me to show up. I can see that the essence of my personality is so multi-layered but actually something that has been there since the beginning.

I am inquisitive, wise, deep, yet light, soft, silly, open, warm, generous, introspective, bold, strong, eager.

I thought I’d start by sharing with you a few things you might not know about me.

  1. I’m the youngest of five children, with my eldest sister 11 years older than me.
  2. I’m an Aquarius and idiotically proud of it.
  3. I bust out into silly dances moves quite spontaneously and more often than I probably should.
  4. I can be incredibly bossy, with the best of intentions of course!
  5. I love a good swear word. Being ‘spiritually’ minded and a true soul-centred wellness seeker doesn’t mean that a good f-bomb is out of bounds
  6. I grew up on the beach and swear that the oceans vibration is part of my DNA
  7. I have no fear in confronting someone, but today I am not so quick to do so.
  8. I can have a really dirty sense of humour – but team me up with another like-minded person and it’s all on!
  9. I am an affectionate and very tactile as a person – not in a creepy way, but I love and need to touch and hug!
  10. I have an annoying habit of seeing all sides to the story and the bigger picture. Can’t help it.
  11. I really don’t care what other people think about me – which means that sometimes I head outside looking a little unkempt!
  12. I dislike for someone uses another person for their own gain, for slow drivers (seriously!) and crime shows.
  13. I can be such a smart-ass
  14. I have 6 nieces and nephews who I don’t see enough but who make my heart smile.
  15. My husband is my best friend – he makes me laugh and is my everything. We are still madly in love after 6.5 years together!
  16. I spend alot of time alone and I like it that way.
  17. Since I was a little kid I’ve always believed we are all here to grow, expand, evolve.
  18. I used to be a BIG party girl… thankfully, otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today!
  19. I was bullied all through primary school.
  20. I love to dance. I actually get high off it.
  21. I’m insanely independent – being the youngest of a family of 7 will do that!

 So there you have it – 21 one things that perhaps you didn’t know about me.

Screenshot 2013-10-29 08.47.31


Your turn: I would love to hear from you!

Share with me below – ONE thing that you don’t ‘show/express’ about yourself often but is at the core of your personality.

love + light,


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  1. Claire – I love this idea. I bet it was very therapeutic thinking of things that make up you!
    Unlike you I LOVE crime shows….
    I suppose one thing that might be at the core of my personality is that I can be quite meticulous with some things. I like to read manuals that come with things and do things the right way. Not in every aspect of my life but it’s there. I embrace it now, it’s a funny little quirk that I have

  2. People think I’m so confident and have it all together, but actually I am (quite literally) terrified of being out in public and just about puke having to leave the front door. Weird, huh? But there you are I’ve said it all it’s (horribly revealing) glory…………next please!!
    p.s. lovin’ your blog btw 🙂

  3. Claire,

    I resonate with you on a lot of these ones too, maybe its because im also an aquarius. What date are you in January or February?

    I am bossy too, dont mean to be and have the best intentions for what i am putting out there
    I do love a good swear word too, youll find me holding back in the office at times
    I am highly affectionate, love people and love telling them how much they mean to me

    I met you at Melissa Ambrossini’s Bears not Babes event a number of months ago and have been following you ever since so i love your stuff. Here is something back about me (ill do half)

    1. My full name is Katherine however i get called Katie. I dont even get called Katherine when im in trouble
    2. My grandfather was a politician for the liberal party
    3. I went to Beyonce last Thursday night and she was absolutely frieken incredible. I have been to over 25 concerts with a large name of Green Day to Michael Buble, Rhianna to Delta and a lot more to name
    4. My favourite colour is yellow as i feel it brightens my day
    5. Im the opposite to you, im a massive people person and i really dislike my own company (something i am trying to get used to)
    6. i am SUPER DOOPER passionate about fundraising for a good cause and did my first half marathon this year raising $4500 for Cure Cancer
    7. I am very honest, open and crazy however i take everything on board and stress easily
    8. This year i got glandular fever after pushing it like crazy and have resorted to Yoga and am in LOVE with it. I practice 3-6/wk at Qi Yoga in Manly and Freshwater
    9. I really dislike in people – dishonesty, people that are ungrateful and people who are patronising and condescending
    10. I left school in 2006 and have done an overseas trip every year since and continue to keep going. Next stop – South America
    11. I can only wink with one eye

    I LIKE THIS – im going for the full 21

    12. I work at a health club and have been here for 4 years and love it. Im a jack of all trades – sales, PT and spin/cycle instructor
    13. My favourite food is Mexican – fajitas all the way
    14. I treat myself to a regular massage at least once a month
    15. I have been doing a instagram grateful picture post of something i am grateful for, for every day of this year. It is a great little task to think about the positives in every day
    16. I have an obsession with online social networks – i cant stay off it
    17. My mum is my absolute inspiration and rock – my love for her is out of control
    18. I have a deep loving for T2 teas – they make my heart sing
    19. I have a weird gift of being able to remember peoples names and faces and it regularly scares people
    20.l have lived in 7 houses and just moved out of home this year with the boyfriend and another couple
    21. I really like these things 🙂

    Thanks Claire xxx

    • Hi Katie! I do remember meeting you. You were so sweet and lovely. How much fun is it tapping into ‘yourself’. I love your share – I can only wink with one eye too!


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