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I recently spoke about Paying it Forward and Random Acts of Kindness in a recent VLOG. You can watch it HERE. The idea is simple – do something (anything!) that is kind, generous and thoughtful for someone else. Not to get something, not to feel good or generate a particular response… totally 100% selflessly do something for someone else, just because you can.

That someone else doesn’t have to be your partner or closest friend (although there is nothing wrong with that), it could be a total stranger, your barista, your bus driver, the taxi driver. Just offer up a little slice of kindness.

Why does this matter? How does this affect your own wellness? Oh my – the list is long!

  • From a vibrational perspective kind, positive thoughts and acts run at a higher frequency. When we create and emit a higher vibration and share that with others the positive effects spread like wildfire – passing on from person to person. You can literally change the way you experience life, interact with others and in turn affect the lives of others. Sweet deal I think!
  • Paying it forward also helps to cleanse you of past karmas – you are undoing the negative in your life by giving to others. Instead of doing something with an end goal in mind – how does it help YOU – embracing the idea of giving, being generous and injecting joy in others lives truly makes a profound difference. And without ‘trying’ you will start reaping the rewards – a happier mindset, manifesting your dreams, attracting the right kind of people, experiences, circumstances. So, when you stop focusing on what YOU want all the time you actually get what you really NEED.
  • And… I have to mention that real, true health is about HAPPINESS. No amount of food in the world is going to bring you true contentment, which we all desire (let’s be honest, we do!) But giving of yourself starts to cultivate that happiness and what follows – real HEALTH. Honestly. I know it. I’ve experienced it.

Here are some suggestions on how to give more and make someone’s day:

  1. Drop a $20 note at your local coffee spot and ask them to shout the first customers in the door a free coffee – just because
  2. Write an anonymous love note and stick it on the window of your friend’s (partner/parent/anyone!) car
  3. Offer to help your elderly neighbour take out their rubbish each week
  4. Let 5 cars cut in front of you each day… slow down and smile!
  5. Send an organic food box to a friend when you know she/he’s broke
  6. Give your loved one a back massage and say no to one in return
  7. Bake some healthy treats and take them to work – share them on a ‘non-birthday’ day!
  8. Drop random love-bomb texts to your friends
  9. Donate money to the people you normally avoid on the street
  10. SMILE at random strangers and say ‘Good Morning!’


Now, in the spirit of Paying it Forward, I want to send some love back to someone who helped me earlier this year. You might recall back in February I ran the super-awesome Bundle of Love Valentine’s Day competition. Included in that competition was a delicious hamper from the gorgeous Rachel Gorney and her lovely business – From My Kitchen.

Rachel was so incredible helpful and I know that the winner (Samantha!) really loved her hamper of delicious, healthy treats.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 2.23.30 PM

Now, From My Kitchen has a new offering that’s inspired by the idea of Paying it Forward. . The Pay It Forward FMK style goes something like this:

In every hamper that’s ordered you will receive TWO (yep, not one, but TWO!)  extra little goodie bags. The first one will include a lovely ‘pay it forward’ card so you can pass this goody bag onto a well-deserving loved one, friend, colleague, random stranger… you get the idea. Basically, anyone that’s going to appreciate and enjoy that random act of kindness. And because Rachel is super generous the second goody bag is a little extra gift from her to YOU – her way of saying thanks for being a gorgeous customer.

For the moment this one is just for Sydney (Australia) based peeps – apologies if I just got you excited, but I am betting FMK is going to go BIG in the future. Watch this space.

Now, I’d like to hear from YOU! Can you share below ONE suggestion of how you are going to drop some kindness into someone’s lap or pay it forward?

I can’t wait to hear your suggestions. There are HUNDREDS of ideas!

love + light to you,

Claire x



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