If you’ve been following my recent posts you’ll know that I’ve embarked on a GIT (gastrointestinal tract) and Liver cleanse. All is well. I feel fantastic! But it’s not just about the food. A cleanse should be a holistic process and if you are about to embark on one, or have been on the journey with me, then you might appreciate a few little tips to get the most out of your cleanse

1) Get outside in nature – early morning walks in the fresh air as the sun rises, floating in the ocean, reading under a tree – these all do wonders for the body, mind and soul!

2) Enjoy regular but light to medium exercise. The liver has to produce glucose for our muscles and then this hard-working organ has to detox the lactic acid that our muscles produce. So go easy during a cleanse.

3) Meditate – the most amazing remedy for mind, body and spirit. Meditation is an incredible addition to your daily lifestyle and hugely beneficial during a cleanse. You know you should, so now is a great time to start.

4) Drink alot. Plenty of herbal tea and water but avoid drinking 30 minutes prior, during and after a meal – we don’t want to wash out our digestive enzymes and fire!


5) Socialise less at night and organise more day-time catch-ups with friends in the sunshine. Being outdoors gives us much-needed vitamin D but also encourages our metabolism which is stronger during the day

6) Spend some time alone – read, journal, create a vision board, get clear on your intentions for the year.

7) Get massaged – alot! Especially lymphatic drainage massages.

8) Breathing exercises – a few simple breathing techniques (check out this post) can really maximise the benefits of your cleanse

9) Practice self-love. After all a cleanse is about you, cultivating a deeper awareness and better health. Find a few affirmations that resonate with you and say them everyday to yourself as you brush your teeth. Start to foster a deeper love connection with yourself.

10) Say no. It’s ok to put yourself first and say no to other people’s expectations, plans, requests. The world will not implode. It didn’t on the 21st of December, it’s not going to now.

Even if you aren’t cleansing these are all fantastic ways to live a better, brighter life. It’s all about balance, you know!

Happy cleansing and here’s to you feeling clean, light, balanced and whole.

Saha to you,

Claire x



  1. I love reading your posts Claire. They are very inspiring. I am easing my way into a cleanse by firstly going back to my healthy eating since returning from holidays where eating out every night makes things difficult. I might then consider following your detox for a couple of weeks. I have a hugely sensitive digestive system so I am trying to learn my own body and treat it well – also with the hope that it will keep me healthy this year (they say first year teaching you get sick constantly because of all the kid germs). Fingers crossed xx.

  2. Hi Simone, I'm so glad you are enjoying my posts. And yes, that's the smartest idea – ease into it. It's quite a shock on the body to detox without a good foundation first. I hope you stay healthy too – sounds like you are on track. x

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