10 Steps to Eat Better at Work

10 Steps to Eat Better at Work
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Hands up if you have made crappy choices for lunch (and even breakfast) with the poor excuse of ‘I was at work’. ‘I was on the road’. ‘I was too busy’.


Yeah, I said it. They are poor excuses. But I get it, nonetheless. I know what it’s like – life seems hectic and overwhelming as it is without having to worry or think about what you are going to eat.


We all know that at work you need to be on you’re a-game, right? I know I do at least. Many of us work with clients, seeing people all day, liaising with customers, managing team. We need to be switched on, energetic, focused.


Not to mention that your health SHOULD NOT suffer because you work full time.


Never fear, I have a little trick for you. And before becoming a home-based entrepreneur this is exactly what I would do weekly. Yep, I am sharing with you a tried and tested way to eat better at work.


10 Steps to Eat Better at Work

1)    Identify a time during the week where you can get into the kitchen for 2-3 hours. Perhaps a Sunday afternoon? That was my favourite time.

2)    Brainstorm a list of recipes. Food you love, food that you want to (and can) make, eat and enjoy. Recipes that are flavoursome, healthy and easy to store (freezer or fridge). Come up with 3-4 ideas max. (Don’t overwhelm yourself)

3)    Book out the selected time with your family/flat-mate. Let them know what they are doing and get their support. There is nothing worse than cooking up a storm in the kitchen whilst your kids are climbing over your legs or your husband is coming in asking for a snack.

4)    Of course, shop. Seriously – get the groceries sorted in advance and if you are super pressed for time shop online babe! Get an organic veggie box delivered or order from your favourite super market and get it delivered.

5)    Make your cooking space sacred. Light a candle, play your favourite music, make the space clean and tidy. Get a new apron. Ritual is important, especially when you are cooking and getting creative in the kitchen

6)    Start cooking! Cook up a storm. Multi-task where you can. Go for BIG batches and work in an organized manner. Keep a pot of tea on the go to keep your alert and refreshed.

7)    Clear space in your freezer/fridge. Start portioning off your meals in lovely containers (if you like buy a new set that you dig so you feel spesh with your food)

8)    Label your stuff. Maybe you made extra for your kids, for dinners, for your partner etc.

9)    Take out your meal from the freezer the night before or the morning of.

10) Do this weekly. You’ll never have to eat that white bread sandwich drenched in mayo again. You’ll have enviable lunches that make you feel amazing AND you’ll save a lot of time and frustration figuring out what and where to eat (especially if your work requires you to be on the road all the time!)



You can do the same for breakfast! Making egg muffins, pre-made bircher, or packing a little lunch bag with your favourite healthy bread +avocado to take to work.

Getting healthy is about getting organized. Take out the confusion and room for error.


Be consistent and be willing to do what you need to do. Eating well is only difficult when you make the choice to NOT eat well.



Your turn: Do you have any tips for getting organized that you can share?

Love + light,

Claire xx

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2 Comments to “10 Steps to Eat Better at Work”

  1. […] ♥ 10 Steps to Eat Better at Work – Being prepared is HUGE!   I do this a few times a week.  I plan a big prep/prepare day and have food for days ahead.  Also, when making dinner, I’ll make extra and have for leftovers throughout the week.  Be like the boyscout and always be prepared.  If you have to make other choices it’s OK.  Just make better choices most of the time and it’s no biggie when you can’t or don’t feel like it. No pressure.  Take the stress off yourself and do the best that you can. […]

  2. Healthy snacks are a must have for me. If I dont have some delicious healthy snacks then you are sure to find me sneaking something sugary from the cafe and then sugar crashing under my desk. Sweet potato brownies, fruit and nuts are must haves for me. Big batches of soup frozen in single serves in the freezer are amazing for wintery lunches.

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